Crystal Skulls



I was writing a blog on another topic and then at the halfway point, I picked up a Rose Quartz Skull with the intention  of taking it to the beach and here I am.

Initially I didn’t wish to stock skulls but on customer request I did. Now I am happy that I did. What I have found is that a particular Rose Quartz skull came alive. I kept watching it and it was watching me. I’d move and it would follow. Now I think it also provides protection.

Rose Quartz Crystal Skulls

Yes, Rose Quartz will do all that and more. I have meditated with it and found it sat comfortably over my heart area and it felt happy and content and so did I. This particular piece looks very feminine to me, with a cute upturned nose. I’ve named her Jessie.

Rose Quartz enhances self-love, promotes loving thoughts, brings in love, heals the heart physically and emotionally.  It provides unlimited loving calming energy. It calms excess fiery energies, such as fear and anger. It will show us where our love blockages are. All roads lead to the heart. We all have  the twists and turns in life and the more work we do that is heart-related the better we will feel.

Smoky Quartz Crystal Skulls

Smoky Quartz is a wonderful anti-stress stone, keeping the user and the  space grounded and protected. It helps clear the mind and stay focused. Helps to bring our hopes and dreams into reality. It also will help in absorbing EMF’S (electromagnetic fields like our devices). As time goes along this will become increasingly more important.

Clear Quartz Crystal Skulls

Clear Quartz is a powerful amplifier. It absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy. It clears the path to move forward and will protect. It enhances psychic abilities and attunes to one’s spiritual purpose. Aids in concentration and is a Master Healer.

Crystal Skulls contain a crystal diva just like any other crystal shape. All we have to do is like it. Once we like it, the relationship will build. Crystals will warn you when something is going to happen. All we have to do is watch, listen,  learn and act if required.

Part of my role is to protect my crystals and they in turn do the same for me. This would also apply to you.

High Vibes, Crystal Skull Protection & Intuition

Crystal Skulls protect their owners. Placing your skull at your front door can offer protection and comfort. Crystals skulls are known for raising your vibrations and the frequency you exist at, what a valuable offering in the current changing times. We all need to trust our intuition and be open to receiving messages and crystal skulls are specialists in supporting the holder and in particular their owners to do this.

Pop into Heart of the Bay, Byron Bay and have a look at our crystal skulls or give me a call and I’m more than happy to intuitively select one for you or the special person you would like to gift one to. They make a great gift combining protection, insight and the qualities of the crystal.

Enjoy the Ride

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