Gift Boxes

Gift Boxes

Presented in 100% recycled packaging each 10cm x 10cm or 6cm by 6cm gift box has been assembled to create a synergy of energy to support growth and harmony in your life, whilst focussing on a specific intention to uplift and restore well-being.  Select your gift box for yourself or someone special by either the focus of energy or by allowing yourself to be led to the combination of gifts you feel most drawn to in your heart.

It’s great to feel the kindness, generosity, and love of receiving a thoughtful and heartfelt gift, it’s even better to expand the love by giving a gift to yourself and/or someone else.


Amplify Love

A synergy of Clear Quartz and Rose Quartz crystal energy is enhanced with a unique feather collected from Byron Bay.

Clear Quartz absorbs, releases, amplifies, protects and regulates energy to clear the way forward.  It will enhance psychic abilities and assist the owner to attune to their spiritual purpose. Clear Quartz improves concentration and is a renowned master healer.

The Clear Quartz heart rests on a bed of high-quality Rose Quartz chips. The subtle energies of the Rose Quartz radiate unconditional love and healing, a great transmuter of fear and what’s holding you back. Placed between, the bed of crystals and the crystal heart sits a feather to clear past spaces and invite magic into the new.

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Divine Light

Rose Quartz - Byron Bay Crystals - Heart of the Bay

Selenite is a crystal stone known for providing clarity and emitting the highest energies of Divine Light. The resonating energies absorb toxic and negative energy and transmute all energies, not of the highest light and love to positive energy.

Selenite is great to recharge other crystals and is a self-cleansing crystal. Selenite is perfect to use in grids ensuring a high vibrational peaceful atmosphere as it balances emotions, which is opportune during times of change and transition. Selenite stimulates psychic awareness, truth, honesty, flexibility, peace, and harmony for those who hold it.

As a high performing transmuter, Selenite is powerful in absorbing EMFs (Electro-Magnetic Fields eg. our electronic devices) and renders it ideal to place in a work or home environment near electronic devices. This gentle, yet powerful Selenite heart comes complete on a bed of lavender which has also been long associated with transmutation.

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Balance, Love & Protection

20191202_122936Amethyst has long been known as a protective heart stone, that is often used as a transmuter of energies. Associated with Saint Germain and his transmuting violet flame it is often kept next to a computer, at the entrance to your home and/or next to your bed to transmute unwanted energies.

Connected to our third eye and psychic abilities, amethyst is here to support our expanding consciousness and heighten our awareness, whilst protecting us on our spiritual journey. Due to its ability to balance the nervous system,  Amethyst has been found to assist those who may be battling any type of addiction.

The Amethyst heart lies on a bed of quality Clear Quartz crystals which amplify the heart’s qualities and provide further clarity on your path forward. A feather collected in Byron Bay compliments the crystals to invite clearing of the past and revealing the way forward with a hint of magic.

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Love in a Box

Rose Quartz - Byron Bay Crystals - Heart of the Bay

Love in a Box unites a Rose Quartz crystal pieces beneath a Rose Quartz heart crystal with a feather collected in Byron Bay, so you can spread the love.

This heartfelt gift box centers on the expanding gift of love with Rose Quartz on Rose Quartz to bring focus to both the giving and being open to receiving unconditional love. The subtle and calming energies of Rose Quartz invite and celebrate pure love in any place or situation, perfect for that special someone, your home or someone needing that extra support and loving energy of a heartfelt, compassionate hug. It is a wonderful gift for new mothers as an aid for babies and toddlers who are becoming familiar with their new life on Mother Earth.

This gift box measures 6cm x 6cm.

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Centered Creativity Gift Box


Amplify and embrace the grounding energies of Red Jasper whilst it stimulates our channeled creativity.

Red Jasper supports us by working on the base and sacral chakras activating our creativity into our current reality by aiding dream recall and connection to our subconscious. The grounding energies of Jasper invites its calming energy to assist the creative flow throughout our day to day activities.

Red Jasper strengthens our aura by cleaning and stabilizing our energy field and defining our boundaries. It is a stone that promotes health and wellbeing, by working on detoxifying the circulatory system, blood, and liver.

The combined energies of the Red Jasper heart and Clear Quartz crystals amplify, clear and protect your creative process. Maintain your momentum with the feather collected in Byron Bay and move forward on your path.

This gift box measures 6cm x 6cm.

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Clear Love

20191115_120214Rose Quartz increases our capacity to give and receive unconditional love. In doing so it gently reveals our own blockages to self-love and universal love. Rose Quartz calms excess fiery energies, such as fear and anger. It is a great crystal to support the owner through times of transition and change, including babies and new mums.

The Rose Quartz crystal heart rests on a bed of Clear Quartz crystals to clear and clarify the way forward whilst amplifying the energies of unconditional love and acceptance.  This gift of love and appreciation is packaged in a 6cm x 6cm box and completed with a feather collected in Byron Bay. 

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Amplify Intuitive Communication


Invite increased intuition, psychic ability, and communication centered around truth, integrity, and love.

An Amazonite heart-shaped crystal lies on a bed of quality Clear Quartz chips. Amazonite is a stone of values. It embraces qualities including truth, honor, integrity, hope, and trust that may enhance our intuition, psychic abilities, creativity, and intellect. Amazonite is extremely soothing and eases emotional trauma, worry, and fear. Associated with the third eye and throat chakras, it balances our knowing with what we communicate to embrace integrity.

Amazonite is known to absorb and protect against EMFs (Electro-Magnetic Fields from our devices.)  The bed of Clear Quartz crystals enhances and amplifies the intuitive values of Amazonite and protectively clears the way forward.

This gift box is 6cm x 6 com.

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Embrace the Goddess


Love and magic in a box. Embrace the goddess with this Rainbow Moonstone heart-shaped crystal on a bed of Rose Quartz crystals. Rainbow Moonstone energy has been likened to the energies of the moon, with its gentle waxing and waning cycles. Often associated with magic it supports you to connect with your intuition and foreseeing the future. It is believed to enhance psychic abilities and aid in bringing in abundance.

Rainbow Moonstone has a strong feminine energy that reflects the goddess. The bed of quality Rose Quartz crystals encourages, expansion of the heart and love. The combination of crystals invites loving acceptance of the feminine at any time.  This synergy of energy is an especially supportive gift of celebration for young women coming of age.

This gift box includes a feather collected in Byron Bay to assist clear and move the energies forward in your connection with the goddess.

This gift box measures 6cm x 6cm.

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Box of Calm

Relieve Stress, Trauma – PTSD

The united energies of these carefully selected crystals combine to relieve unwanted energies that manifest as stress and PTSD and can be caused by any sort of trauma. The combined crystals work subtly and gently on a deep level to create supportive energies of comfort and peace to offer a calmer state of well-being.

Invite calm with this gift box which includes an Amethyst cluster to transmute and protect, a natural piece of BlackTourmaline to protect and repel negative energies, a piece of tumbled Smoky Quartz to detoxify and uplift, a piece of tumbled Mangano Calcite to ease and heal the heart and an Agate geode to heal, calm and create a sense of security and safety.

The box measures 10 x 10cm

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