Crystal Power Pouches – Protection to Change Uplift & Power On

Crystal Power Pouches

Crystal Power Pouches are packed with a combination of crystals and gemstones in a light weight pouch. The pouch ensures that they are easy to carry with you everywhere at anytime in a pocket, purse or held in your hand when you need. These convenient pouches make an energetic investment for yourself or gift someone else. The pouches can be placed in areas of your home or office where you feel you need support, protection and to transmute unwanted energies. By collecting crystals into a pouch they form a synergy of energy from the combined properties for you to benefit from.

Protective Power Pouches

These pouches have been united as they all offer properties of protection. Easily carried, placed in the home or office or within your vehicle. The protective properties act as energetic shields to negate denser energies and can be placed at the entrances to your home, near a doorway or window. Keep several different pouches in a bowl near your front door and choose the one that will serve you the most as you venture out for the day. As high transmuter, you may wish to place one in a corner or area where you feel the energy is stagnant, chaotic or dense.

Change, Uplift & Power On

These crystals have been selected to support you to move through times of transition more easily. Change is constant and is something we can embrace when our energies are balanced, confident and aligned with our higher selves. These crystal selections support you to raise your energetic vibrations and those of your environment through the use of Rose Quartz and it’s energies of unconditional love. Protect yourself, uplift yourself and power on with these crystal power pouches.

Invest in you & secure your crystal power pouch today. Stock is limited.

Rose Quartz & Hematite

Positive Strength & Protection

Rose Quartz radiates pure unconditional love, whilst hematite absorbs negativity and provides strength. These crystals combine energies to support you by providing your strength to move through difficult times or when there seems to be an abundance of naysayers around you.

Secure your Rose Quartz and Hematite pouch containing 200g of quality Rose Quartz chips and approximately twelve pieces of Hematite. $51

Rose Quartz & Black Tourmaline

Uplift and Shield

Rose Quartz radiates pure unconditional love and natural Black Tourmaline provides protection. Natural Tourmaline is an absorbic shield to negative energy and denser energy not of the highest light or intention. Deflect negativity and benefit from the protective energy combined with the uplifting vibrations of pure heart energy.

Secure your Rose Quartz and natural Black Tourmaline pouch containing 200g of quality rose quartz chips and approximately five or six pieces of natural black tourmaline. $51

Rose Quartz & polished

Black Tourmaline

Reflect & Deflect

Combine the nurturing support of Rose Quartz with polished Black Tourmaline. Move forward aligned with your heart by letting go of past energies that hold you back. The tumbled gemstones reflect and deflect any negative or undesired energizes that are sent your way or may be attached through energetic chords to the past.

Secure your Rose Quartz and polished Black Tourmaline pouch
containing 200g quality rose quartz chips and approximately eight Black Tourmaline tumbled stones. $51

Rose Quartz & Black Onyx

Protect your Heart

If you are feeling fragile the combination of nurturing and healing Rose Quartz with the protective energies of Black Onyx can assist you move forward with confidence on matters of the heart. If you are feeling drained, Black Onyx will protect your personal energy whilst connecting you with your true purpose by absorbing and transmuting undesired energies. Rose Quartz supports your heart to stay on it’s path.

Secure your Rose Quartz and Black Onyx pouch containing 200g quality Rose Quartz chips and approximately four Black Onyx tumbled stones.

Rose Quartz & Shungite

Defrag & Destress

Destress from the chaos that can surround us in daily life and defrag from the energies emitted from the electronic devices we carry with us and work on. Benefit from the nurturing and healing support of Rose Quartz as it calms and centers your energy, united with the transformative energy of Shungite as it removes EMF’s from your energy and your environment.

Secure your Rose Quartz and Shungite power pouch containing 200g of quality Rose Quartz  chips and approximately six Shungite tumbled stones $51.

Rose Quartz & Black Obsidian

Cleanse & Protect your Psychic

Cleanse the energy that surrounds you and dispel the dense energies within your aura. Activate, enhance and protect your psychic abilities with Black Obsidian as it shields your higher intuition so that you may retain your light. Embrace the unconditional love energy of Rose Quartz as you are uplifted by clear thinking aligned with pure heart.

Secure your Rose Quartz and Black Obsidian crystal pouch containing 200g of quality Rose Quartz chips and three pieces of polished Black Obsidian. $51

Rose Quartz & natural

Black Obsidian

Call Forth Your Protectors

Natural Black Obsidian calls forth your protectors to provide an energetic shield, repelling all energies not of the highest and best intentions. Feel secure to walk your path with negativity dispelled at ease. Initiate self healing and advancement through the subtle supportive energies of Rose Quartz. Connect with your guides as they combine their energies in a shield united with the natural Black Obsidian.

Secure your Rose Quartz and natural Black Obsidian crystal pouch containing 200g of quality Rose Quartz chips and three natural pieces of Black Obsidian. $51

Crystal pouches to support

your needs

If you liked these pouches you may wish to enhance your collection with one or two of the following pouches or browse and ask about our Astrological pouches, and crystal gift pouches which focus on affirmed positive energy.

Warrior Pouch

Ignite your inner warrior to strive forward through challenges that may come your way. The crystals in the warrior pouch unite their properties to provide protection, courage and guidance in your times of need. Absorbing negative energy, banishing evil and counteracting the forces of dark. These crystals calm emotions, reduce stress, revitalize, encourage selfless acts and idealism. The Warrior Pouch contains Bronzite, Apatite, Aquamarine, Black Tourmaline and Red Jasper.

Secure your pouch now for $25

Protection Pouch

Crystals Protection Pouch - Heart of the Bay - Byron Bay Crystals

Harness the confidence this Protective Pouch provides through uniting these crystals to form a synergy of energy and and a shield that repels negative energy, undesired energy, denser energy and all that is not of the highest light and love. This pouch includes Amethyst, Citrine, Hematite, Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz, Red Jasper and Orange Calcite. Walk supported through transitions, uplifted with confidence, shielded by crystal power.

Secure your Protection Pouch

EMF Protection Pouch


Protect yourself from EMF’s (Electro Magnetic Frequencies) that are emitted from electronic devices. This pouch contains a piece of Black Tourmaline, Palo Santo, Clear Quartz and a Selenite wand.

Black Tourmaline absorbs EMF’s whilst activating our own energetic auras to stimulate a protective and energetic immune system response to protect us from EMF’s.

Palo Santo is a sacred piece of wood burned to use to smudge and clear our auras and environments on all levels. Create the sacred, clear space you desire.

Selenite absorbs and transforms negative and toxic energy from around you and your environment. It uplifts and raises your vibrations as it transforms the energy around you.

Clear Quartz is the master healer and essential crystal as it amplifies pure energy and enhances other crystal energy and their properties for you to benefit. CLear Quartz assists you to connect with pure light energy, understand and clear your path with Clear Quartz.

Secure your own EMF Pouch. $45

Happy Heart Pouch


Invite and welcome bliss into your life with the Happy Heart Pouch. This crystal power pouch includes an Amethyst cluster, Citrine cluster and a piece of naturally raw Rose Quartz crystal.

The Amethyst cluster heals, transmutes energies not of the highest light and protects. It is a self cleansing crystal which renders it particularly important, it also absorbs and transmutes EMF frequencies emitted from your electronic devices. The amethyst will assist you to tune in with your intuition, insight and clairvoyance.

The Citrine cluster invites prosperity, abundance and assists in balancing the physical and intellectual. Resonating abundance on all levels Citrine calms, balances and provides subtle confidence for you to power up and move forward, leaving your past behind.

The naturally formed raw piece Rose Quartz, provides the loving nurturing and healing of unconditional love. Through it’s energy, Rose Quartz uplifts and carries you forward on your path.

The Happy Heart Pouch will protect you with Amethyst, invite abundance with Citrine and heal your heart with Rose Quartz. This is a supportive, healing and protective pouch to support you to enjoy good vibes, particularly when moving through change.

Secure your own Happy Heart Pouch. $48

Love Pouch


Rose Quartz empowers you to love yourself and other unconditionally. Nurture and heal yourself with pure love energy and gift this gentle and powerful energy to others. When we are aligned with love energy, we heal, and walk our path with compassion and attract the same vibes we are radiating. The Love Pouch ensures you are energizing with three examples of Rose Quartz including a Rose Quartz Heart, a naturally raw piece and an embossed piece affirmed with the word LOVE. When we are aligned with the energy of love we not only attract that energy we dispel all lesser energies.

Feel the love with your own love pouch. $45.

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