Runes are symbols that hold specific meanings related to old Norse alphabets. When inscribed on stones, runes can be used for divination.  Runes have long been used by pagans for spiritual guidance by assisting the practitioner to connect and receive greater wisdom from a higher source, your guides, and intuition. Runes assist the reader to interpret knowing from their own inner wisdom and subconscious. By combining the power of the rune engraved in gold with the energy of the crystal, the answers to your questions are supported to reveal themselves.

Crystal Gemstone Runes

Heart of the Bay currently stocks three types of crystal runes. Each rune is clearly defined in gold to assist spiritual connection and the flow of wisdom. Each gemstone retains the energies of the crystal type it embodies. By uniting the crystals and ruin properties, the owner increases that perspective in the readings they bestow. Each rune is engraved and painted gold on a tumbled gemstone. The rune symbol evokes the meaning and the crystal properties assist the practitioner to connect to their guides and subconscious to enhance the clarity of the reading.

You may choose to start with one rune set of twenty-four runes or one of each of the three to use for a stronger combined reading selecting one stone from each set for a specific message related to the areas of your life that crystal corresponds to.

Rose Quartz Runes

Untitled design (59)Rose Quartz Runes connect subtle with pure energy and unconditional love and healing. For readings without judgment, the rose quartz set can assist you to stay in the flow of the intuitive reading with an open heart. The rose quartz aligns with relationships and supports those seeking answers of the heart.

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Rose Quartz Rune Set

Green Adventurine

Untitled design (58)

Green Adventurine protects the practitioner’s heart whilst inviting abundance to flow. Associated with career success, it has been called the entrepreneurs stone. If you are searching for clarity on your business, financial, or career path your Green Adventurine ruin set may hold the answers and insights you are seeking.

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Green Adventurine Rune set

Clear Quartz

Untitled design (60)Amplify your connection and channel of energy and receive answers and messages with greater clarity. Your Clear Quartz Rune set will assist you to align to higher levels of communication and a greater understanding of your intuition and own spirit. Clear quartz runes are your master rune set. The properties of clear quartz heals, heightens energetic frequencies, and protects.

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Clear Quartz Rune Set

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