Tanzanite – when only the best will do.

Rarer than diamonds, Tanzanite gemstones unite the healing energies of deep blue with the transmutation and protective energies of deep violet and the spiritual and clairvoyant energies of purple with the grounding energies of burgundy. Tanzanite jewellery provides healing and protection on all levels with a calm clarity and insight into the truth of situations and a way of communicating that. Tanzanite is a communication gemstone and is associated with clairvoyance and the essence of truth, uniting the heart and mind with calm compassion whilst providing depth and insight into situations through connection with the third eye. The energies of Tanzanite are subtle and powerful and align the upper energy channels from the heart, to the third eye chakra and crown chakra to the higher consciousness and soul star, it is often sort out by those seeking to raise and uplift their beings.

The crystal properties of any Tanzanite gemstone can change depth of colour under the influence of light and transform from deep blue, violet and through to burgundy tones. Highly sort out and considered a geological phenomenon, Tanzanite has been converted by collectors for it’s beauty and unicorn charms as the rarity it is, being one thousand times rarer than a diamond.

Tanzanite is the gemstone associated with the month of December.

Tanzanite Rings

Tanzanite rings enable the wearer to not only benefit from the deep vibrational colours of Tanzanite, they are able to access the crystal properties of healing, transmutation, energetic protection and clear communication whilst wearing an adornment that uplifts and compliments their own energy. Tanzanite has been sort out as an affirmation of holisitic wealth and enlightenment due to it’s rarity, crystal properties and depth of colour.

Heart of the Bay has four Tanzanite ring designs. Each design is available in two sizes, US7 and US8. The gemstones are set in sterling silver and rhodium plated with a variation of band and setting designs to please you.

Celtic Heart Band Tanzanite Ring

This oval Tanzanite gemstone is set in a sterling silver rim with an embellished Celtic heart knot band to remind the wearer with the infinite possibilities and qualities of eternal love energy. It’s feminine energies are complimented with the properties of compassionate communication with self and others in truth and kindness. This ring is balanced with the properties of Tanzanite and united with the infinite Celtic energies of the goddess. Measuring 1.5 cm wide x 1.9 cm.

Invest and own this piece for $195.00

Heart Band Tanzanite Ring

This raised oval setting of sterling silver incorporates the simple embellishment of a heart into the band it measures 1.4 cm wide x 2 cm. This ring encourages the wearer to remember compassion and the connection and balancing of heart and mind. It offers a subtle calming energy through transitions to uplift the wearer.

Invest and own this piece for $195.00

Oval Detailed Rim Tanzanite Ring

This oval Tanzanite ring is framed in a detailed and stepped setting. It’s approximately 2.1 cm wide x 1.6 cm. Embrace the grounding energies of compassion and rebirth with this oval shaped gemstone in this simply detailed setting that allows the Tanzanite to be framed by the sterling silver setting.

Invest and own this piece now for $195

Oval Tanzanite Ring

This oval Tanzanite ring with a plain setting and band allow the gemstone to dominate the setting and measures 1.5 cm wide x 1.9 cm. The simple medieval designed setting allows the properties of the gemstone to be appreciated and holds a more grounding presence. The oval formation is a reminder of rebirth and the pathway towards enlightenment. This setting is ideal for both males and females to adorn themselves.

Invest and own this piece now for $195

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