Crystal Pyramids

Pyramids are amongst the most iconic structures in the world. There are thousands of pyramids located throughout the world with over one hundred found in Egypt. All of these pyramids were created without advanced tools. There is deep symbolism associated with pyramids that date back centuries.

In many cultures, pyramids provide and represent a sacred space, even church steeples embrace a pyramid shape. Native Americans used tipis for sacred ceremonies, believing the circular pyramid shape connected them to the Earth below and the Heavens above.

Today, pyramids continue to be held with high esteem. Pyramids have the ability to channel and collect energy from the Higher Realms. The bottom of the pyramid represents a solid earth base, whilst the points project energies to the four directions and heavens. The combined energies of the heart from the base, the four elements and directions from the four points and the point to the heavens are harnessed within the pyramid.

Clear Quartz Crystal Pyramid


Clear Quartz has been valued throughout history as a master healer by many civilizations. In Atlantis and Lemuria the sun’s power was used as a source of solar energy refraction ie. the bending of light through crystal pyramids.

A Clear Quartz Crystal Pyramid will absorb negative and undesired energies and clear the way forward. It will assist the holder to release, regulate, and amplify their energy.

These clear quartz pyramid pieces are full of natural light and rainbows and measures approx 4.5cm across the base.

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Red Jasper Pyramid


Red Jasper works on the base chakra by opening, clearing, rejuvenating,  and strengthening your energy from within. This energy known as life force or chi energy,  works its way up the body aiding in manifesting positivity and aids to bring about your hopes and desires.

This vibrant red pyramid measures 3cm across the base.


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Rainbow Obsidian


Rainbow Obsidian is helpful in dissolving unwanted ancestral patterns to allow a clearer passage into the new. Known as a master transmuter of negative or undesired energies to positive the rainbow obsidian is amplified to higher vibrations when combined with the pyramid shape. Rainbow obsidian is formed from cooling lava and works from your base chakra upwards, inviting joy and rainbows as it goes. Many utilize this combination to uplift energies particularly, when dealing with depression.

These pyramids measure 3cm across the base.

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Crystal Merkabas

The Merkaba is all pyramids.  The Merkaba is a sacred symbol representing the light or universe, spirit, and your physical body. Merkabas combine two pyramids or tetrahedrons, one of which is inverted, the pyramid above reflecting the pyramid below. The joining of the two pyramids symbolizes the concept of, “as above, so below.”

Merkabas are often used as a creative visualization tool that acts as a vehicle to travel to higher dimensions in meditation. The sacred shape is said to offer protection and heightened connection to the spirit above and the physical or earth below.

Labradorite Merkaba Crystal

Merkaba Pyramids Symbolism & Crystal Grids - Heart of the Bay - Byron Bay Crystals

Labradorite is a stone of magic that is often used to increase psychic abilities and intuition. The labradorescence is reflective of the refractive index range and can incorporate many colours. Labradorite heightens vibrations and is a stone of transformation, many carry this crystal when traversing times of change and transition. A protective stone, it unites the spiritual with the earth and balances energies by raising the holder’s vibrational frequency.

A labradorite Merkaba is the crystal companion for energetic protection during transformation and invites balance. This combination is often used for meditation.

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