Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz – The love stone

Embrace Unconditional Love and Healing

Rose Quartz is the ultimate gemstone of the heart. Aligned with unconditional love, Rose Quartz vibrates pure energy and supports the growth of positive relationships including with yourself. A positive, calm, and uplifting stone, it naturally repels negative energies, heals, and connects our heart with the Earth’s and Universe’s heart center as it purifies and opens the heart on all levels.

Rose Quartz is considered a powerful healing stone, its properties assist the release of negative emotions and accelerate healing. These energies bring in deep inner healing and self-love which invites self-confidence and elevates Rose Quartz as the crystal for all occasions. It is often chosen as the ideal first crystal and companion to those learning to meditate.

Rose Quartz is one of the most common varieties of the Quartz family. Rose Quartz’s name originated from the pink colour, which ranges in a full spectrum of tones from off white through to dark, deep pink. Rose Quartz can be found globally in mass crystal formations, it’s energy can vary depending on where the crystal piece has been sourced. All our crystals are infused with the known healing energies of Byron Bay.

Rose Quartz is a versatile gemstone, in ancient times it was believed to inspire recognition of beauty in self, others, and nature and was believed to be the stone of beautification. The calming energies of Rose Quartz render it a gemstone often associated with attracting a sound sleep, by placing a piece next to your bed or near your pillow may restore restful sleep.

Rose Quartz is a silicon dioxide crystal with a hardness of 7 on the MOH scale.  Silicon and oxygen (Silicon Dioxide) are found naturally within the human body, water, plants, animals, and the earth’s crust which enables Rose Quartz’s vibrations to resonate easily with these things.

Placing two pieces of Rose Quartz in your bedroom may assist attract romantic love. Scattering or placing rose quartz throughout your home, garden, and office invites positive and calm energies into your environment. Carry Rose Quartz with you in a crystal pouch or wear it to improve self-worth, self-love, whilst practicing kindness to others and living with daily calm.

Rose Quartz Chips

Use rose quartz chips to decorate your home or to fill a pouch or glass. Crystal healers and practitioners often use the chips in the making of organites, candles, hand cremes, soap, and body sprays.

Untitled design (7)

Soft toned Rose Quartz chips

The subtle tone of these chips is sort by those looking to invite a gentle vibration and tone of Rose Quartz into their lives.

These chips are often used by Crystal Healers and practitioners in the making of organites, candles, hand creme, soap, and body sprays.

Rose Quartz tumbled chips per 100 grams price $4.50  purchase now 

Untitled design (8)

Deep toned Rose Quartz chips

The deeper pink of these Rose Quartz chips holds intense energy.

The darker colour ensures these chips when scattered together can create an eye-catching display. They work well around the base of plants. They are the preferred crystal for infusing water drink bottles and creating crystal essences.

Rose Quartz tumbled chips extra grade, per 100 grams $12.50   coming soon

Tumbled Rose Quartz

Tumbled Rose Quartz is great for carrying in your pocket, pouch, handbag, or bag to invite the calming, subtle energies of unconditional love and increase self-worth and confidence. Tumbled stones are ideal to incorporate into your crystal grid or to place around the house and garden where that extra bit of love or calm is needed.

Creators often use tumbled rose Quartz for their size and smooth appearance, particularly wand and jewelry makers. Designers also incorporate tumbled gemstones into benchtops, shower recesses, and mosaics.

Tumbled Rose Quartz is often a child’s first crystal. Great as a gift, as a piece of treasure in a treasure hunt.

Untitled design (9)

Medium Tumbled Rose Quartz

The medium tumbled Rose Quartz’s lighter weight is ideal for carrying in a pocket or pouch.

Creators often add this sized stone to leather work.

Rose Quartz tumbled 2-3cm sold per 100 grams containing approximately 12 stones $17.00   purchase now

Untitled design (10)

Large Tumbled Rose Quartz

Sort out by creators who utilise the free form shapes. This larger sized tumbled stone is ideal to be incorporated in wrapping techniques by jewelry makers.

The larger size ensures an eyecatching display piece indoors or outdoors.

Rose Quartz large tumbled gemstones per 100g $20.00 for approximately 3-4 stones. purchase now

Natural Rose Quartz

Untitled design (13)

Natural Rose Quartz is desired for its textured shapes and natural formation. Natural pieces are often used as centerpieces in a room, in amongst a fern or as a part of a crystal grid. Invite fairies and the fae into your life by placing a piece in your garden.

Natural pieces approximately 3 pieces per 200g price $14.00 purchase now

Rose Quartz Free Form

Rose quartz pieces of this size are ideal for placement on beside tables, next to baths and on workspaces to invite the calming subtle energies into a room.
Attract Fae into your garden by placing near ferns or a fairie house
If you are looking for more weighted comfort than a smaller tumbled stone brings this later Rose Quartz grounds in uncoditional energy in a sizeable way.
Rose Quartz freeform approximately 8cm high x 5cm wide, price $100. each  purchase now

Rose Quartz Sphere

Untitled design (12)

Rose Quartz invites pure energy when united in the form of a sphere it unites the energies of the goddess and lifeforce.

Crystal balls have long been used to open higher sight into self, other dimensions, and times. Historically crystal balls were used to foretell, foresee and scry wisdom from ancients and deeds done and yet to be unveiled. Spheres are used to connect to the universal energy

Rose Quartz 30mm spheres. Sold individually $25 ea purchase now

Rose Quartz Terminators

Terminators focus and call in energy through their point and ground it into the physical realm. This shape is desired by channels, clairvoyants, and those who align with energetic light work. Placed in the middle of an altar a terminator invites focussed energy. Placed in the middle of a group it creates a central unifying connection. Crystal practitioners utilize the point of the terminator to direct energy during healing sessions.

Interior designers utilize the flat based terminators to stand and create areas of interest within a room.

Untitled design (14)

Large Rose Quartz Terminator

At 12cm x 4cm this terminator lends itself as an aesthetic feature piece in a room. Ideal for your living room, home office, or the center of your dining room table to connect those surrounding it.

Invite the subtle focus of unconditional energy, love, and a radiating calmness into a room

The approximate dimension is 12cm x 4cm $200 purchase now

Untitled design (15)

Medium Rose Quartz Terminator

This unimposing terminator is the ideal size to incorporate into your altar or on your bedside table to invoke a restorative sleep. Invite a state of calm confidence by placing a medium Rose Quartz terminator next to your computer, or on your desk.

Measuring approximately 4cm x 2cm priced at $30.00 purchase now

Untitled design (17)Small Single and Double Terminated Rose Quartz

This smaller-sized terminator allows it to be easily transported. Whether you have a roaming workspace, are a mobile crystal healer, workshop/ circle facilitator, or just wanting to welcome the calm confidence and subtle unconditional energies of rose quartz throughout your day it’s size ensures it can be carried everywhere with you.

This size is also ideal to incorporate into your crystal gridwork. Single terminators have a flat base and single point.

Double terminators have a point on both ends and encourage the channeling and directing of energy in both directions. Double terminated crystals are often used by healers to increase the flow of energy in both directions simultaneously.

Approximately 3cm x 1cm  price $31.00 purchase now

Rose Quartz Buddha

Untitled design (16)

Combining the pure unconditional energy of Rose Quartz in the form of the Buddha unites support in heightening vibrations in your path towards enlightenment. This statue grounds love energy into a room whilst inviting contemplation and deep meditation.

This gift is specifically sorted by those wishing to deepen their wisdom, mindfulness, and meditation practice. It is ideal to include in your altar or crystal grid.

Measuring approximately 5cm x 5cm, priced $64.00 purchase now 

Rose Quartz Angels

Rose Quartz angels unite the pure love essence of rose quartz with the divine knowledge, guidance, and protection of the angels. This particular combination brings comfort to those in need and is often sort as a companion to those going through challenging times as a reminder that they are not alone.

Untitled design (5)

Medium Rose Quartz Angel

This size is often gifted to those who have had someone pass as a reminder and connection to the loved one’s spirit.

Sometimes used on altars to invite communications from angelic beings during channeling and meditation and to increase protection.

Medium size $40.00 height 5cm  x 3.5cm purchase now 


Small Rose Quartz Angel

This small angel is ideal for carrying as an ongoing reminder and comforter for those in need of some higher protection.

It’s smaller size renders it ideal for use within crystal grids

Small Angel $30.00 height 4cm  x 2.5cm purchase now

Rose Quartz Pendants

Rose Pendants allow the wearer to invoke unconditional pure love energy and benefit from the subtle radiance of calm self-confidence throughout the day. Invite love for yourself into your life and radiate it to others by wearing a rose quartz pendant. By altering the length of your necklace you can position your pendant over your heart, or wear over your thymus to increase protection, or over your throat to invite loving communication and kindness.

Untitled design (4)

Double Terminated Rose Quartz Pendant, set in sterling silver

Increase the pure unconditional energy flowing through you with this doubled pointed Rose Quartz pendant. Bring your awareness to your connection between the Earth’s heart center, your heart center, and Universe’s heart center. Invite harmonious flow with this piece.

Measuring approximately 5cm long x 1cm wide. Priced $40.00 purchase now

Untitled design (6)

Rose Quartz Pendant

Resting flat against the wearer this pendant invites an abundance of love and harmony. Fill your chalice with an overflow of love as this pendant sits resting on your body, bringing attention and focus to this area.

Rose Quartz pendant set with sterling silver, price $35. measuring 2.5cm x 2cm wide purchase now 

Untitled design (3)

Oval holed Rose Quartz Pieces

Hosting a 3mm central hole, these polished Rose Quartz pieces are ideal for creatives and jewelry makers as pendants and earring embellishments. Thread and assemble your own combination of crystal pieces to meet your own needs.

Measuring approximately 2.5cm long x 1cm wide, priced $20.00 each purchase now

Untitled design (2)

Holed Terminated Rose Quartz Pieces

This holed terminated Rose Quartz piece invites the unconditional energies from the higher realms into the physical realm for the wearer.

Position it over your heart to attract the love you desire.

Terminated Rose Quartz polished pieces approx 3cm x 1.5cm with a 3mm hole $20 each  purchase now

Tear Drop Rose Quartz Holed Piece

Capture the essence of moments in this classic teardrop shape. Teardrops were collected as tributes to those who had moved on, this shape combined with rose quartz is a reminder and connection to those lost and the love shared.

This design is complete with a 3mm hole perfect for making your own pendant or creative idea. Measures approximately 4cm long x 3cm wide,  price $14.00 purchase now

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