Herkimer Diamonds

Herkimer Diamonds are a sort out and valued gemstone. Herkimer Diamonds are a double terminated quartz crystal, Herkimer Scepters are a variation. Considered rare these unique, high vibrational crystals have gained their name from the Herkimer region in New York, along the Mohawk River valley.

Initiate the healing and wisdom you are ready for with a pouch of Herkimer Diamonds. Powerful companions they assist you to clear the past and invite in the new, aligned to maximum expansion. Connect to higher consciousness and embrace your soul tribe, receive their guidance as they transmute dis -ease on all levels.

A pouch of Herkimer Diamonds is a powerful addition to your altar, crystal healing layout and to include in crystal grid work. Herkimer Diamonds initiate the shifts that you are ready for and invite you to step onto your higher path and recognize your higher purpose.

Advanced crystal healing practitioners seek out Herkimer Diamonds to open and clear the energy channels and allow pure crystal light and energy to flow through whilst activating the highest consciousness levels. Sacred Herkimer gridwork on the third eye chakra and the surrounding secondary chakras and upwards to the crown and soul star chakras can be a positive life altering experience towards mindful conscious awareness. A gemstone of attunement, a pouch of Herkimer Diamonds will assist you to tune in and align with a client, situation or space, allowing clear channels of communication on a level of pure heart and truth.

As a being seeking higher wisdom and consciousness for themselves or a practitioner facilitating heightened levels of healing and awareness in their clients, a pouch of Herkimer Diamonds is the pouch of choice.

Stock is extremely limited.

Drop in 4/19 Tasman Way, Byron Bay Industrial Estate and visit Heart of the Bay to ensure there is stock available prior to purchase.