Sacred Ring Stones

Holy (hole -y ) Stones

A scared symbol, the ring or holed stone has long been recognised as a porthole of power. The hole symbolises communication and the energy flow of spirit that moves the cycles of life, the seasons, and the ring itself which is infinite in its energy.

Rings or holed circles have been used to solidify promises, define boundaries, unite and identify tribes and distinguish those of power. The circle shape itself has been associated with both the sun and the goddess, the circle of life, infinity, and has formed the basis for spirals, labyrinths, and mandalas to grow from. With no beginning and no end and all points of the circumference of equal distance to its center, Pythagoras named the circle “the most perfect shape.”

Hag Stones

Naturally occurring stones with holes are known as Hag stones.  Examples and other known names include the Great Mother Stone, Odin Stone, Witch Stone, Faerie Stone, Wishing Stone, Seeing Stone, Adder Stone, and Holy Stone or hole -y stone.  Originally the name holy stone developed from its true description of the holey stone used in faery, pagan ritual, and witchcraft. Hole -y because it was a stone with a hole in it.

Holed Stones

Holed stones have been sort out for their heightened healing and sacred qualities of power. Discovered in landscapes across the globe and are particularly scattered in the UK and Europe. In history, it was believed that relief and even cure could be obtained for rheumatism, spinal problems, and matters of the heart. It was believed that holed stones provided a direct link for correspondence with spirit and would provide answers to questions and prayers asked.

The Odin Stone in Scotland was said to render promises unbreakable if promises were made with hands clasped and inserted through the hole of the stone. Many lovers confirmed their love and binding promises at the Odin stone in ancient times.

The Sacred Three Holed Stones

The Ultimate Crystal Practitioners Pouch

The use of three circular stones in practice is used to invite energetic balance and harmony. The three types of stone ring are chosen to connect with the earth, the user’s heart, and Universe/Spirit’s heart center. During meditation one ring is held between the fingers of each hand to encourage energetic flow, the third is worn as a pendant over the heart chakra to encourage heart-centered connection or over the thymus to boost protection and immunity or over the throat to encourage clear communication. Some practitioners when solely focussed on advancing one element eg communication or abundance/manifestation prefer to use the same crystal type of holey stone at the same time.

The three stones can be interchanged in position, to compliment the practitioners evolving energy and needs according to the vibrations of the crystals. Build your power pouch one by one or secure your complete pouch with three sacred stones.





Bloodstone offers support and courage during times of adversity. Bloodstone instills courage and assists the holder in taking the right action, helping you to fulfill your commitments. Bloodstone works at the source of all blood ailments and, within the blood marrow. Bloodstone is a very deep green with a red fleck.

This ring measures 4cm diameter with a 6mm hole in the center price $20.00

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Malachite and Lapis


A rare combination of Malachite and Lapis in this sacred ring combining two strong elements of communication and the heart. Malachite is a powerful solar plexus and heart stone, assisting in recognizing and clearing blockages. Lapis will help to activate our intuition and insight, leading to an opening of your true potential and self-empowerment.

This sacred ring measures 4cm diameter and 6mm hole price $24.00

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This sacred stone ring is Jade. Jade helps to promote the flow of money, and fertility and is an excellent heart stone. Jade represents harmony and happiness in business and family matters.

This sacred ring measures 5cm diameter with a 7mm hole price $22.00


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