Crystal Skulls

Crystal skulls are said to emit their own individual frequency and sounds and can be programmed to the user’s specifications. Sort for their enhancement of psychic and healing abilities crystal skulls have become a must-have record keeper for the modern channel or crystal healer. Originating in ancient Mesoamerican civilizations including the Aztec, Toltec, and Maya cultures some believe the crystal skulls are also linked to the lost cities of Atlantis.

Rose Quartz Crystal Skull

Rose Quartz Crystal Skull - Heart of the Bay - Byron Bay Crystals

A rose quartz crystal skull will embrace the unconditional love energies, allowing the owner to be open to receive all communications and healing they are now ready for. The combination of rose quartz and the sacred skull formation allows us to invite psychic expansion with harmony.

A rose quartz crystal skull supports those who want to embrace peace and enjoy a calm flow of events as they connect to their hearts and the higher consciousness as a communication channel or healer.


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Smoky Quartz Skulls

The perfect gift Slow Down with Smoky Quartz Skull - The Simple Things - to make your heart sing - Byron Bay Crystals - Heart of the Bay Blog

A smoky quartz crystal skull will keep you grounded whilst you tune into psychic consciousness and expansion of your own awareness. The smoky quartz crystal supports the holder to have a clear mind focused on your intention.

A smoky quartz crystal skull anchors those who have tendencies to waft into other realms and stray from their paths. For those looking to invite balance, the grounding of smoky quartz combined with the resonating psychic frequency of the crystal skull will manifest the synergy for progression.

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Clear Quartz Skulls

Rose Quartz Crystal Skull - Heart of the Bay - Byron Bay Crystals


A clear quartz crystal skull unites two powerful amplifiers of psychic development. The clear quartz raises the holder’s vibrations, whilst offering a heightened level of protection allowing for a strengthened and safe flow of communication and psychic development.

A clear quartz crystal skull will assist those channels and healers looking for the highest energy and information change currently available to them.

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