Byron Bay Energy

Black Obsidian

20181204_074634Byron Bay is Australia’s most easterly point attracting a diverse of visitors for a variety of reasons, partly  it  encompasses a certain magic. For some magic is felt and seen. Part of that magic is,  it sits on a bed of volcanic Black Obsidian.

Black Obsidian is a crystal that will provide protection, helping one to stay centred and grounded when faced with negativity. It will assist in showing where one is holding negativity and shine a light on the patterns to be healed. It will assist the psychically or emotionally sensitive to maintain their integrity. It is a powerful emotional healer, leading one to understanding and accepting  of one’s darker side to be healed if one wishes. It will also help in clearing reproductive problems. Black Obsidian will open and clear the base and second chakra.

Mt Warning

Mt Warning, approximately a one hour drive away, is a sacred site.  Considered to be where the Sun shines it’s energy first each morning. One of Earth’s largest caldera’s. All areas are connected with Ley Lines. Much healing will happen when one takes time to spend in nature with Black Obsidian.

Byron Bay Life

The energies held by and within Byron Bay and area are extremely important for one’s evolution and the very safety and existence  of Mother Earth, our home.

Each morning I love to visit the beach  and refresh myself  for the day with a walk and swim. Sand is very grounding and the water is fabulous for the emotions. Mother nature is here to help, so we must take notice.

Byron Bay has always been home for me. It is where my heart is. I love quality and vibrant crystals.

Founder of Heart of the Bay




In my earlier working years, I was a bank teller. Over  20 years ago I left this Industry to work with Crystals, which was a completely new. Learning about all the different types of crystals has been amazing.

I found working with the crystals to be a valuable life tool. They will tell you a story and this can be by the  way they look at you, or how happy they are. Or if over time, rainbows just appear.  After a while it is easy to tell.

Back then I had a fascination and that was all it was. As time went along I realised I loved them and decided this is the industry for me, by this time I was just over 50.  Since then I have worked tirelessly, scouring the most delightful crystals  to bring to you (and me).

As this is a 11 year it was  time to revamp the website and the warehouse. You are welcome to pop in anytime and say hi and view the lovely pieces.

Working with and learning from the information that crystals share with us is amazing and then apply to one’s  life situation. It’s exciting, they tell a story and are a valuable life tool or road map (they know more than us).

Changing my Industry was the best choice. I have met lovely people and we have great chats about all things metaphysical and 5D.

I love being a business proprietor. It is a creative expression. All my beautiful crystals have a story to tell and it is fascinating to watch and work out what they have to say and take notice.

It’s always onward and upward.


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