Crystal Travel Altar

Are you travelling or on the go?

Do you need to take time out during your day to restore, align & balance?

Invite protection, love and adventure into your life.

A traveling altar enables you to conveniently carry your crystals with you in a pocket or bag for easy access throughout the day. Use the lightweight organza pouch as an altar cloth to lay your crystals on when you have the time to stop, rejuvenate, breathe and meditate. Taking time out during the day assists us to easily reconnect and affirm our heart centered alignment and reestablish our balance.

Do you like to keep a crystal pouch with you when you are on the move throughout the day or whilst travelling?

The Heart of the Bay Travel Altar Pouch contains a large tumbled rose quartz and amethyst, a medium sized carnelian and a large polished piece of black tourmaline. All gemstones are high quality, Byron Bay infused crystals ready to protect, and invite love and adventure into your life.

Moments can create momentum.

By taking time out to invest in your well being you can give yourself the opportunity of moments to breathe, realign, balance and affirm your intention. The convenient travel pouch helps to create a mindful focus for your attention to turn inward.

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