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Runes are an ancient way of asking a question and finding possible answers about our future.


Personally, I love the simplicity of the old ways. I have crystal Runes with gold writing, set in three different stones and each holds it’s own energies, rose quartz, clear quartz and green adventurine.

A wonderful customer (messenger) last Tuesday said he just had a rune tattooed on his arm. I was inspired. That night, I thought ‘that’s it’, this weeks blog.


Take the high road

I know a lot of people are stressed about the current status of life.  So we may as well choose the happy, healthy, high road. The other is not fun. Once on the road to clearing debris, it’s a good idea to keep on going and stay on the high road.


I sat with my thoughts and got clear on the question I wanted to ask and focused on it to align my intentions with the runes. My question to the Universe was:  What would everyone like to know for the week beginning Saturday 13th July, 2019 for their highest and best good?

I did the selecting under the stunning rays of our winter sun, keeping my back warm whilst I pulled out one rune from each of the pouches containing the separate crystal runes.

Holding that intention I selected  from the Green Aventurine pouch first, as I felt it was  right.

 Green Adventurine

20190710_115718Green Aventurine  is a heart and abundance stone. We will receive our hearts desires but  we are learning to be soft and gentle  with ourselves, family, friends and the planet. It’s our new way.

From the Green Aventurine pouch I selected Ansuz which is wisdom, knowledge and communication.

I’m sure everyone would like Ansuz. It’s amazing the information that can be received just by sitting quietly and not thinking about anything in particular. Have pen and paper handy to record.

I think wisdom, knowledge and communication go hand in hand. Each enhances the other. All great tools to move further into 2019 and the Fifth Dimension (5D).

It’s all coming ready or not, so we must run with it and we will feel all the better for it.

Rose Quartz

20190710_115913Rose Quartz is the lady of all crystals, here to show us how to nurture ourselves with a abundance of unconditional love. Show your friends and family how lovely they are.

Enjoy nature and all she has to provide. Keep your heart open as much as possible and watch your life change.

From the Rose Quartz pouch I selected Mannaz which is about our soul, The Self and humanity.

The soul would love us to have  a happy and fulfilling life. Do what makes your heart sing, as much as possible. It’s soul directing. A happy heart is a happy soul.

Whilst all these planets are retrograde, go within, go within and release as much as possible, even if you don’t know what it is. Use your intention. It’s the time. We can then step forward into the remainder of the year and  go beyond a lighter, happier person. This outlook and vibration has a ripple effect, enjoying all the Universe wishes to bestow upon us.

A couple of days ago I received a shipment of childhood related stock.  That night in meditation, I felt into it and asked for all to be transmuted into unconditional love for mine and the galaxy’s highest and best good. I woke the next morning feeling lighter.

Clear Quartz

20190710_120103I selected Fehu and it’s about reward, wealth and nourishment (yippee). Now, I know everyone would love all of the above and I feel as though these selections are spot on.

I deliberately left clear quartz last, as it will gather up the negativity, clear the way,  enhance and amplify for us.

Even if it hurts, just do the work because the sooner we do, the sooner Fehu comes in.

I think the things that are happening now are certainly putting life into perspective.

All the tools that are available to us to have the most magical life is amazing.

Stay in the heart and forget the rest.

Rune Selection for Retrograde

20190710_121547In summary to enjoy this retrograde ride of July my rune selections guide us to focus on.

Green Adventurine: wisdom, knowledge and communication.

Rose Quartz: soul, The Self and humanity.

Clear Quartz: reward, wealth and nourishment

Please let me know your thoughts on the above  as  I may do readings  from time to time.

Does  the pic with Kwan Yin and the woman on her left mean anything to anyone? That face just appeared.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Enjoy the ride.


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