Amazonite is known to absorb and protect against EMF’s (Electro-magnetic fields which are emitted from our devices).

It is extremely soothing, easing emotional trauma, worry and fear. Is a stone of truth, honor, integrity, hope and trust. May enhance intuition, psychic abilities, creativity and intellect. Helps to balance the many aspects of the personality.

Amazonite Tumbled Stones



Amazonite tumbled stones sold per 100g containing 18 pieces sizes vary but approximately 1-2cm price $20.00 purchase now



Amazonite Sphere


Amazonite is able to block geopathic stress(geopathic stress is when you feel you are living in the wrong location). It will help to manifest Universal love as it yet another wonderful heart stone. diameter is approx 5.5cm priced at $115.00  to purchase 





Amazonite sphere in 100% recycled packaging price $12.00 for the packaging only  purchase now


Amazonite Generator


Amazonite is a stone that balances masculine and feminine energy and will help to see both sides of a situation. A 5cm x 2.5cm generator is perfect for a Altar or as part of a grid. priced at $25. purchase now





Amazonite Single Terminated Pendant



Single Termination Amazonite point with a 3mm hole measuring 3.2cm long x 1.3cm wide priced each $20.00 making a gentle pendant purchase now





Amazonite Double Terminated Pendant


Another powerful yet gentle heart stone to place over the heart. These pieces  measure  approximately 4cm long  x 2.3cm wide with a 3mm hole priced each $25.00 purchase now





Amazonite Long Oval-Shaped Pendant



Measuring 4cm x 1cm perfect for a pendant with a 3mm hole, or your special adornment priced  $20.00 each  purchase now





Amazonite Short Oval-Shaped Pendant



These are a shorter version of the pieces just above and come complete with a 3mm hole. Approximate size 2.5cm long x 1cm wide priced $14.00 each. Any of these will fit perfectly over a hoop earring, giving choice each day. purchase now




Amazonite Tear Drop Shaped Pendant


Another heart piece in a tear drop shape complete with a 3mm hole length 4cm x 3cm wide priced individually at $30.00 each  purchase now







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