Mookaite is found only in Western Australia, this crystal invokes ancient knowledge, sacred knowledge, from the Earth and the Ocean, and a strong connection to aboriginal dreaming. Connects us within the ancient wisdom deep within ourselves and the Earth.

Mookaite, is a type of Jasper and a powerful yet nurturing healer. It will support during times of stress.




It can be used to clear old experiences from the Base and Sacral Chakra’s and is yet another heart stone.  Amethyst and or  Rose Quartz can also be added to soften any clearing processes. Natural Mookaite is sold per 200g purchase now






Here we have a 1kg selection of natural Mookaite. If your looking for a larger quantity please contact direct. price $50.00 purchase now








Mookaite will immediately show it’s soft self, reflecting back to the user, the  soft self. price $25. each purchase now








If you would love to connect into your and the Earth’s Sacred and Ancient Knowledge,  you may wish to make a pendant.  pieces are priced each at $20.00  and measure approximately 3.5cm x 1cm  and come with a 3mm hole purchase now






Here is a shorter style of the above  measuring approximately 3cm x 1cm priced $13.00 each purchase now








Here is  a teardrop style in a pendant, complete with a 3mm hole measuring approximately 4cm long x 3cm wide priced each at $15.00  purchase now





This Mookaite candleholder is a deep red color and perfect for meditation, lingering baths and any type of self-nurturing price each $70.00 purchase now







A self nurturing massage tool measuring 10.5cm x 2.5cm priced each at $85.00 purchase now







How would you like to feel and know Ancient and Sacred Knowledge in your heart. price $28.00 purchase now







Tumbled stones sold per bag containing 100g or 12 pieces price $30.00 purchase now



20191113_091957All pieces are approximately  7-8cm tall price $80.00  This shape may be your preferred style to include on your Altar or display with your other pieces purchase now







It is said with generators that the energy comes out the top where the point is. There is a huge variation in color and  size   but measure approximately 9cm x 4cm price $120.00 each  purchase now



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