Obsidian Crystal

Obsidian crystal is a truth crystal that empowers the owner by its protective energies. It transmutes negative energies and has been said to provide the holder with a shield against psychic attack.

Originally used to create arrowheads and tools due to its qualities of strength that are formed through the cooling of lava. It is also sometimes called volcanic glass due to its reflective properties and high sheen gloss. The reflections have often seen this stone used as a foreseeing stone of prophecy. A grounding stone obsidian has been used as an absorbing healing crystal by practitioners.

Associated with the base and root chakra obsidian crystals stimulate the initiate of energy to the physical body and energetic body and are often placed between a patient’s feet to activate the Earth Star chakra. Black Obsidian is a very powerful, protective, and creative stone that will ground the soul into the physical plane and take the user deep within the subconscious to bring imbalances to the surface allowing them to be experienced and then released.


Tumbled Obsidian

Black Obsidian



Black Obsidian flat stones are priced  individually at $4.00  and measure approximately  3.5cm x 3cm purchase now







Lilac Volcanic Obsidian


sold per bag containing approximately 13 pieces $15  purchase now








Light Blue Volcanic Obsidian




sold per bag containing approximately 12 pieces  $15 purchase now




Dark Blue Obsidian







DARK BLUE OBSIDIAN sold per bag containing approximately 17 pieces $15  purchase now

Flat Obsidian Stones


These flat stones are  a perfect shape and weight to place on the body whilst undertaking any healing work, as they are  full of loving energy, ready willing and able to help heal especially one’s heart by cutting any old cords or hooks to enable a freer road forward. The rainbow swirls are easily visible, some being greenish whilst others are a pinky purple. Priced each at $13.00  purchase nowRainbow Obsidian


Natural Obsidian


If your preference is natural  Black Obsidian, these are perfect to carry around in your pocket or handbag. Sold as a 4pak priced at $16.00  purchase now






Terminated and Double Terminated Obsidian Pendants


Some pieces are single termination and others double terminated, each with a 3mm hole perfect for pendants or any other imaginative creation. priced $20.00  per piece purchase now





Raw Obsidian Pendant


creative or wishing to gift yourself or a friend with a  protective stone to sit right over the heart.  Here is a 6pak priced at $21.00 and each stone has a 3mm hole purchase now





 Silver Obsidian Pendant


strong yet gentle loving  protection whilst clearing,  Silver Obsidian priced each $21.00 measures approximately 4cm long x 1.5cm wide with a 2mm hole   purchase now





Obsidian Hearts


?????? Are these the same product????

Rainbow Obsidian Heart


The Obsidians  are all wonderful heart stones. Whilst they are working their magic on you and especially your heart they are replenishing at the same time.

measuring approximately 4cm x 4cm priced at $40.00 purchase now


Black Obsidian Heart


they measure approximately 4cm x 4cm priced at $40.00  purchase now







Silver Sheen Obsidian

???????? image or is this writing to go with the silver sheen pendant???


SILVER SHEEN OBSIDIAN whilst absorbing negativity it helps improve patience and perseverance, sharpening the senses and intellect. Soul loves to be grounded and any Obsidian will help.

Silver Sheen Obsidian has a greyish fleck through it and very easily distinguished.

While working with any stone that feels strong, keep Rose Quartz handy to provide the required balance.

Black Obsidian Generator




to your Altar or Sacred Space priced at $54.00 and approximate dimension 9cm x 3cm  purchase now




Obsidian Candle Holder



relaxing tuning into your heart with the assistance of a Black Obsidian  candleholder  priced each at $70.00 measuring approximately 13cm x 10cm x 4cm   purchase now




Obsidian Spheres



measuring 5.5cm priced at $87.00

 purchase now






20200423_143824Spheres ranging in diameter from 5.5cm to 7.5cm present beautifully in 100% environmentally recycled packaging making a loved gift.






price $12.00 purchase now

Obsidian Generator

20191212_125038You may have a passion for Generators measuring approximately 10cm x 4cm priced at  $110.00 purchase now







Golden Sheen Obsidian is excellent for perpetrators and victims of abuse who wish to clear all aspects of power abuse from their energetic systems. It is a powerful stone for exposing ego motivations and assisting with reclaiming one’s power in the heart.

Golden Sheen Obsidian is extremely strong for earth healing. Assisting in locating disturbed areas and bringing them into balance.

It is a perfect stone for showing the way forward and the clarity of purpose.

Golden Sheen Obsidian can be helpful with digestive disorders of the stomach by clearing and re-energising.

sold per 200g bag of approximately 2 pieces price $25.00 purchase now

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