Pendant Pendulums


Merkaba Pendulums


Rose Quartz Pendulums


20200406_133345 (1) price $25.00 purchase now

20200406_133304 (1)

price $25.00 purchase now







Amethyst Pendulums



Amethyst, is a wonderful heart stone supporting every step of the way by drawing unwanted energies from the body. It is a excellent blood cleanser.


price $25.00 purchase now





price $25.00 purchase now







Clear Quartz Pendulums


20200406_133634Clear Quartz, enhances, releases, protects, amplifies all at the same time. It will support clarity of thought, intentions and a strong stone to use in grid work.  price $25.00  purchase now











price $25.00 purchase now


Smoky Quartz



Smoky Quartz, is a wonderful stone that supports grounding which is feeling safe in your body. When grounded life is easier. It will protect against EMF’S (Electromagnetic Fields like our devices). price $25.00 purchase now




Green Adventurine Pendulums

20200406_133755Green Aventurine, will support growth,  self-confidence and vitality for  the wonderful life one is manifesting, with each and every breath. It will also protect against EMF’s. price $25.00 purchase now





Sodalite Pendulums


Sodalite, will help access the subsconscious to realise and deepen our intuitive abilities, plus know our core lessons enabling healing. It will  also protect against EMF’s. purchase now






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