Thank You Gratitude

Importance of a support team

For a while now I’ve wanted to write about Isis Crystals and thought this blog would be the one.

Outside this morning I said ín my head, if I’m mean’t to write about another topic  please give me the idea. Straight away I received attitude of gratitude towards all who support me. For days now I’ve been getting ‘keep it real, sista’. So here is real:

The Attitude of Gratitude


Customers often ask me if I do what I do on my own and I say, No as I have a wonderful team of hard working  people around me. From the high end professionals right through to the energetic husband and wife team, David and Tracy,  who clean up, lift heavy items,  do my tip runs, ever so efficiently PLUS drop other scheduled work at a moments notice to help. The wonderful people in Mitre 10 who give the best advice especially when it came to painting the floor white. I started off just cleaning up the bathroom. Then I progressed to section after section and a few months later the whole floor was white. I didn’t know I’d be painting the whole floor  at the beginning.

It was  like biting the elephant one bite at a time.

A Team of Friends

20190608_190401Friends  have been  a godsend. Over time I’ve become  very sensitive to energies. Some moons really rock my boat. Working in a space with  abundance  crystal energy  is another big thing. It can be difficult to explain until one has experienced it. Some find it very over whelming.

When I first started working with so much energy I was very tired by the end of the day. With a good night sleep I get up and go again. Lucky I have so many planets in Aries that give me the get up and go, which I absolutely love.

Friends  call óut of the blue’ to say hi. We talk all sorts of things from the physical to non-physical. We are opening up to energies/spirit together. All at different levels. We discuss what do you thing about this or that. We’ve become aware of how easy it is for negativity to sneak in. This can cloud judgement. The tests that come our way.

With myself, sometimes I can tell when someone is coming. It all depends on whether I’m told or not. I can see things in crystals. I can tell when they are happy. Sometimes I can tell when particular pieces are going to sell. Sometimes I can tell/know when extra negative energy is coming my way. I can block it/clear it or say to Spirit “you deal with it” and stay out of it.  This was once foreign to me. At the end of the day we really require what is for our Highest and Best Good and sometimes we think we know but we don’t really.

Crystal Support

20190405_083510You know we can all do this and or something similar and  more. All you have to do is trust and run with it. Keep at it. I have to keep at it because the crystals around me amplify and certainly let me know if I’ve taken a sideways step.

To my wonderful friends who call up or text saying Í’m coming your way, would you like coffee’. All the lovely people on the beach who say good morning with a smile on their face.

Other wonderful friends who packed up and moved. One day we shall meet again and continue the chatting.

Another wonderful friend who helped with many of the different facets related to this business. Kym worked for me for many years and then left. I was devastated. We have stayed great friends and have catch ups. I outsource to her on a regular basis, even though  she is now passionately pursuing  her own business: @terra.lumen.botanical.perfume

20190407_064338I’ve been working with Liss Caldwell for close on a year now and she has taught me so much. She is so kind and helpful with all things website, social media, marketing and mentoring. She has probably been very frustrated at times as she has had to repeat, repeat, repeat whilst I work on remembering, remembering, remembering. Being old school trained it can take a while to remember a new field. She was the one who instigated these blogs and at first I resisted. Thinking how can I write about something, anything. Let alone a certain number of words. It was like OMG. Now I’m doubling the number of words and finding the content easier. Basically I’m writing about what’s inside me. A year in and I’m undertaking  most of her suggestions with ease and loving it. I also thought how can I possibly undertake another job with everything else I do. Well I did and do.

On Instagram and Facebook Liss is:  @caldwellliss

Customer Support

20190530_073737To the wonderful customers,  who we’ve had some great chats about all different topics.

My family have been wonderful. My soon to be 92 year old father with all his quick humour, chirp and charm, keeping me grounded.

I close early on a Thursday to collect my grandson from long day care. As soon as he sees me he says ‘will you run after me’, so I do. He has so much energy. He loves to R U N  and play monsters. The more aaaahhhhing the better. Lucky I’ve been running on the beach for a while. One must stay in practice.

Thank You

IMG_20180523_201329_570It’s wonderful to be able to speak to any of the above and be myself.

I’m feeling emotional writing this.

Thank you again each and every one of you for all your kindness and support.

We’re all in this together,  this wonderful Merry-Go-Round  called life.

The pic’s for this blog will be of crystals, people and scenery that have meaning to me and hopefully you.

To everyone who is part of my support I thank you very much. It doesn’t matter how regular the support is, it is highly appreciated.

This  morning  I had a visit from some lovely customers who are relocating from  The Shire to elsewhere, places unknown, to say goodbye. I love the friendships I’ve made.

Yes I have a loving, loyal and trusted team. I couldn’t do this without each and every one of you.

I hope you enjoy.

Enjoy the ride

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    Wow😁SW🌲sealed signed and delivered is the words that come to greet me….friggen wonderful blog that sends ripples of love out to everyone …. just lovely sista 😁🙏😍😘

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