Crystals to Renew, Refresh & Rejuvenate for 2021

Energy prediction for 2021 and the crystals to support you live your best life. Reset and roll into 2021 by giving yourself the best opportunity for success. If you want to gain clarity, let go of the what's holding you back and are ready to embrace each day and each moment it contains, choose to invest in yourself with time and resources that support your needs and growth. Many of us feel inspired by the new beginnings offered on paper each calendar new year, some of us choose to follow the cycles of the moon and look towards the new moon to begin new projects and plans, you can choose any moment to make a change and choose to put yourself first. #ByronBay #Crystals #NYE #2021

Heart of the Bay - Byron Bay Crystals

Spring into growth

Spring is the a time of new beginnings and opportunities, a time to reset and nurture yourself, count your blessings and honor someone else.

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I'm living the attitude of gratitude and celebrating my love of crystals and their uniqueness by gifting someone with...

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Rutilated Quartz activates the higher mind, assisting in gaining information and spiritual knowledge. A wonderful stone to help with ...

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Are you grounded?

How are you handling all the planetary action that is happening?

Grounding is highly  important and probably underrated and ...