Green Tourmaline



Green Tourmaline is also known as Verdelite.

Aligning our heart with the earth.

It works more powerfully on our heart and body than Pink Tourmaline, even though both are heart stones. Green Tourmaline will bring energy into the physical heart and heart chakra. It assists in aligning the heart’s electromagnetic field with that of the earth, in turn strengthening our heart. It is a powerful healing stone.

Properties of Green tourmaline Gemstones

It will also open the doors to the Devic Kingdom also known as the Elementals like fairies, who live in and on plants and flowers.

Green Tourmaline attracts luck, success, abundance, and prosperity. Another valuable manifesting stone. Sit with your piece regularly, heart open knowing exactly what you would desire,  all for your Highest and Best Good and see what happens.

Are you feeling lethargic?

It is a strong, more masculine stone providing stamina. If you are athletic or physical, on any scale,  Green Tourmaline is here to help. If anyone is feeling lethargic in any way, try working with a piece for a lengthy time and notice the difference within yourself.

Green Tourmaline is a shamanic stone, providing protection whilst undertaking rituals.

Due to its colour it also provides similar qualities as Blue Tourmaline. Stones will cross over in what they will do for us.


It will help with being more in control of one’s life, helping mental and emotional areas that require balance.

If you like to talk to the Ancient Ones, this is a stone for you. They will help integrate all aspects of oneself, making sure all is in balance.

Peace and Harmony

If you feel life is challenging, Green Tourmaline will remind you of how self-reliant and self-sufficient you are. It will promote peace and harmony in your life bringing in a calm inner knowing and change in your material world.

It can be used to cleanse and purify the blood.

As with any heart stone, if you have any dis-ease try sitting with your piece regularly, watching and waiting for calmness to come in and see if the dis-ease dissipates.  However the heart is operating, this energy will flow to all parts of the body.

The strength and power in our hearts will amaze us. By staying in our heart we can shift consciousness. It will override old thought forms with the new. I know this is what we would all love and are striving for.

I have been sitting with a piece and could feel the energy flowing from my toes to my crown.

Working with crystals will change one’s life.

Enjoy the ride.

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