Blue Tourmaline is also known as Indicolite.

It is a stone of the heart. The Blue and Pink go beautifully together.

Properties & Lessons from Blue Tourmaline

20190904_131607Blue Tourmaline is a stone of heartfelt, deep communication. Practice honesty, truthful communication, and watch your relationships flourish. As will the affiliation with the best person you know, YOU. You will feel more comfortable with your skin. You will find it easier to let your fears pass by. Understanding and knowing oneself is a valuable life tool.

Meditating with the Energy of Blue Tourmaline

By sitting with your piece, you will be able to feel it’s energy from your mind down to your heart and beyond. Here this stone is activating within. You may notice increased visions and the opportunity for more regular chatting with your Higher Self.

20190904_125130I know sometimes I can be busy, and someone’s name will pop into my head, and within a second they appear. Other times I will have a picture of someone, and within days they appear.  In some ways, I find this amusing, but it is undoubtedly a valuable life tool.

Blue Tourmaline helps us to live in perfect harmony with our environment with people and nature.

Blue Tourmaline energy is leading us towards helping others, in our day to day activities. It could be as simple as helping someone out with a street direction, together with a happy smile.

Blue Tourmaline the Ocean Stone

20190904_124616A stone of the ocean, look at the colour. The sea is here to help us, and so is Blue Tourmaline. I’ve been taking more notice of the messages from the waters. Lately, these can come in effortless ways, like seeing a duck, up to its neck in the water trying to swim against the tide. Alternatively, walking against an incoming flow, that is like ‘pushing against the tide.’ In other words, slow down.

Watch your life soar with heartfelt energy.

Keep the heartfelt energy flowing freely within and watch your life soar. You will feel happier, healthier, have more spring in your step. Jumping out of bed in the morning will be a pleasure. Even wrinkles will decrease.

By freeing ourselves, we are opening up to the actual possibilities this beautiful life has 20190904_124458to offer. Freedom arrives when we follow our hearts and who knows what other gifts or life tools are within our hearts.

By opening our hearts, we are creating a ripple effect. If we can all do and maintain,  think of the impact this will have on our close neighbours and those globally. By witnessing this, it will increase our heart to stay open. It’s a muscle to strengthen.

This is our power, power in a soft, gentle way. By mastering, we will be able to sit back in amazement with the smile on and stand tall.

If we have days where we have a bit of a ‘wobble’ that is ok, get back on the bike and be proud of yourself.

Mica Crystal Vibrations

20190830_152202Always remember, when a stone comes embedded in ‘rock’ or mica, it also carries a vibration. All we have to do is like it.

One of the pieces also has a manifestation. A manifestation is a crystal growing within a crystal. It is a very RARE formation. They are brilliant for manifesting. Crystals are influential teachers and always remember to think and know exactly what you would like as you will receive. Always add to your Highest and Best Good. If it’s not for your Highest and Best Good you don’t want it as you will have to unravel it.

Some of these pieces look green, sometimes that can depend on the light and background at the time the pic was taken. I purchased these as blue.

Drop by or call and connect with a piece of Blue Tourmaline today.


Enjoy the ride.




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