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Crystal Loving Friends

Heartfelt Visitors Welcome

in Byron Bay

It’s an absolute delight to meet, chat and connect with new customers. Further down the track, they become repeat customers and I never know when.  Reconnecting with customers is an absolute pleasure.  Some didn’t purchase, so I guess they could be called heartfelt visitors.  This goes back maybe 20 years to my days in the shop in town (Byron Bay).  Some I don’t remember until they tell me their story.


Connecting through story and good vibes

I remember a particular day(years ago) when a lady came in to soak up the lovely heartfelt crystal energy as she had something BIG happening and I didn’t see her again until recently.  Spirit directed her to me on the Industrial Estate and at first, I didn’t remember but as soon as she told me her story I did and the following chat was wonderful.


A couple of days ago another lady came in with a friend and we chatted away, just like old friends.

I call and email another lovely lady, who I met as a customer and she still is, whenever time permits and we talk all sorts of nothing sometimes, but then other times we support one another with big things that are happening. I love the way this lady laughs and we must do this, so important.


Crystal Connections

These ladies reside all over Australia. So you can see that it doesn’t matter where one lives we can feel and support the happenings of others and this is all due to the crystals.

20190814_130843I first met the wonderful @caldwellliss in the shop and maybe that was 20 years ago. She went out of my life until about a year ago and now she’s a huge influence.

I was talking with Liss about the above and the lady that was instore at the time says I first met you in the shop and followed you out here and she has now relocated back overseas.

These ladies have become lifelong friends. Some we have been through thick and thin together, always coming out the other side.

Be yourself.

Connect and communicate.

So you just never know. For me, I love the connection. As with communicating with anyone I must be myself. The customer is being herself and this strengthens the relationship.


The crystals have brought us all together, sometimes in the most unusual of ways and we all love it.  Crystals support us on so many levels, in so many ways and sometimes without even realizing it. The same would be happening in other parts of the globe. We just have to trust.

For this blog, I’m posting a variety of crystals, to see more you can drop by the shop at 4/19 Tasman Way, Byron Bay Industrial Estate and stroll through the crystal warehouse of gems, unique pieces, jewellery and gifts.

Enjoy the ride



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