Life-Changing Experiences


This can happen to any of us.

Approximately 20-25 years ago I was involved in an armed holdup. The after-effects are classified as PTSD. These after-effects,  affect us very quickly and differently. I had trouble coping with my normal day to day life.

The therapy I found most effective was digging bindi-eyes out of the lawn with a screwdriver(who would have thought). I would sit outside for a couple of hours each day and totally chill. It goes to show how mother nature supports us.

It was also amazing how much sleep I required. To this day I love my sleep and can’t wait to get into bed and sleep deeply.

My concept of time went straight out the door. If you ask me what I was doing in any particular year I now have to really stop, think and work it out.

For a while, I was consuming half a bottle of wine per night. When I reached three-quarters of a bottle I remember thinking I just have to stop this and I did. Prior to this I didn’t drink and had a good 20 years where I didn’t let any drug pass my lips and this included coffee.

Blessings in Disguise –

an introduction to crystal support

20191001_125212I don’t know if the energy of these events ever leaves our body  100%  but for me, it certainly has subsided.

Now I see this event as a blessing in disguise. It was life-changing and  I was slowly introduced to crystals and the non-physical world and it has supported me ever since.

I am seeing and hearing a lot of PTSD around. Just recently a lady came in with her story.  She was definitely not herself but spent a good hour in here walking around looking at and selecting her crystals and after a while, she said thank you Í feel better now’ and she sounded it.

Reach out

I only decided a couple of days ago to write about this topic.

Life's curve balls - Heart of the Bay Crystals - Blog Post - Byron Bay

If you have a friend, neighbor or relative where you have noticed they are not the same since their life-changing event contact them and see if they would like to go for a walk or anything really simple. Sometimes for some Divorce, childbirth or any type of accident can be their traumatic event. It depends on the individual. Some types of PTSD can be so ongoing the people on the receiving end may wonder if it will ever cease.

PTSD may appear after prolonged exposure to something like the daily grind of traffic.

As time goes along we are all becoming more equipped to handle these situations.

I find keeping myself healthy, this includes well hydrated, fit, with as positive a mindset as I can muster, an open heart,  plus work with the crystals sustains me.

There are still lots of things happening out there and we are learning to support one another.

Now I am keeping my life really simple and grounded.

2019 has been another huge year and mostly about relationships.

Crystals – PTSD


20190930_121634Amethyst will protect against psychic attack and after a traumatic experience, energetically we can be wide open. It will change the unwanted energy into pure unconditional love and protect against further unwanted energies.

Amethyst will support the heart, body, and mind. It’s also a wonderful protector. It’s a stone that will allow you to take your time as support is always there. It will help to connect with our guides and angels and we can chat with them anywhere anytime. I find over the washing up is a wonderful time for connection.

Amethyst is also very supportive of addictions and these can be minor, major or repetitive thoughts.

It’s a stone that can help in a wide variety of situations. The ancient Greeks used it as a drinking cup believing it would prevent them from intoxication.

Mangano Calcite

Mangano Calcite is one of the first stones that I absolutely felt how soft and gentle it is. Reminding me of marsh mellows.  The colour also will tell one it is a valuable heart stone and will help to focus on one’s heart desires. The excitement that is felt when our heart jumps for joy and we get that warm inner glow feeling. It is wonderful for any type of trauma by soothing and clearing. This could be happening on any level bringing our energies back to one heart (instead of being all over the place).

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline provides powerful protection on all levels. This includes the heart.  Don’t be fooled by its colour, thinking its for the base area alone. It is very grounding. The ground beneath us is constantly shifting and we must ensure that we are very grounded with our two feet securely placed and preferably before stepping forward. If not,  we wobble and that is not recommended.

Black Tourmaline turns unwanted energy into positive reusable energy. So where ever you go take a piece with you. Keep some under your bed. I have five pieces under my bed.  EMF’s(electromagnetic energy fields) are everywhere. These come in the form of our devices and microwaves.  I have two large pieces right near me on the computer tower.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is another powerful grounding stone. One will learn just how important it is to be grounded. Once we learn it is easy to know if we start to drift up and we can easily bring ourselves back down.  Fabulous anti-stress stone. It will help with practical day to day skills. So if you have any form of  PTSD it will help with the left, right, left, right of daily life until you pick up.


20190930_121612Agate comes in a huge variety of shapes and forms. It is a very stable and grounding stone, bringing about emotional, physical and intellectual balance, helping to centre our energy. So you can see how this is another valuable stone for any type of trauma. It is also very soothing and calming and works slowly,  bringing great strength.

Agate fosters love and the courage to start again. It’s a heart healer. When I was thinking about this blog a picture of one of these little geodes appeared in my mind and a couple of times I forgot and the picture reappeared.  We are lucky and perfectly supported by this stone as it is a no-rush situation. Rushing does not help only hinder.

Agates help mental function, improving concentration and perception. It is a very practical and truthful stone. Allowing and supporting us to sit quietly and contemplate.

From my experience, Agate is an underestimated stone. If we try to move quickly with our stones we will experience a ‘go slow situation’, so we learn.

How to choose the best gemstone for you



All stones vary considerably in quality and colour. Their energies can also vary according to the location where they were found and those handling them. But for you in selecting your special piece, go on what feels or looks right for you.



Keep going.

One thing I still remember thinking not long after my life-changing experience is Í just don’t wish to get well again, but I did. I’m not sure why I thought that. Maybe due to the fact that I was absolutely knocked sideways and didn’t know the day forward or even which way I wanted to go. This comes back to left, right, left, right and it all just happens.

All the above stones will work hand in hand,  loving and supporting. There may be times when one thinks that progress is not happening but it is, slowly slowly.

Over time you will see why this situation came your way. I certainly did and even though it wasn’t pleasant I am grateful for the experience in so many ways.

I’ve created this special gift box of crystals to assist others who may be experiencing PTSD. Feel free to call Heart of the Bay or drop into the shop ( 4/19 Tasman Way, Byron Bay Industrial Estate, for an individual collection to be created for yourself or someone you value in your life.

I hope you find this helpful and I look forward to hearing from you.

Enjoy the ride.

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