Navigate 2020 Energies


Recently I participated in a detox, mostly of  Wi-Fi and about halfway through I received the words ‘soft and gentle’ and I was shown the space around me was very different, soft, gentle, lovely and clear and then it all faded (I love my messages).

Wifi Detox

It really is amazing to experience WiFi time out. From that day forward I am keeping my phone well away from me, only checking intermittently and I have continued with the detoxing.

The scene I was shown, showed me a loving way to navigate the incoming potent energies for 2020.  We will all be affected differently and I am doing my best to be prepared.

If we wish to be the very best version of our self, firstly we must be grounded and this is what I will be focusing on for myself. If we are grounded we do not expend as much energy which in turn aids our health and clarity.

Crystals to Assist you Flow in 2020

There is a large number of crystals that are soft and gentle, as well as grounding.  Inside each and every crystal is a being ready, willing and very able to help and they know more about us than we do. Each being vibrates at a different frequency and all we have to do is like a particular piece for any reason and go with it.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz will make us feel comfortable in our own skin. Is a stone that will help block EMF’S (Electromagnetic Fields like our devices) and if we feel we are living in the wrong place it will support us until we feel we are living where we feel more comfortable. It will help relieve tension, anxiety, stress making it a very uplifting stone. You may wish to make yourself a special piece of jewellery or have a lovely crystal sitting in your environment.



20191230_101853Gaspiete is Australian, rare and grounding (and I have it in store while stocks last), helping us to notice coincidences and synchronicities which are messages for us.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz will soften energy whether worn as an adornment or placed in any space.


20191228_114923Pearls are known for their purity and integrity. If you have a Pearl in a piece of jewellery take note of how relaxed you feel.


Amazonite is another soft and gentle powerhouse know to absorb and protect against EMF’S (electromagnetic fields like our devices). It will help ease emotional trauma and there certainly has been plenty over the past decade. It will help balance the many aspects of the personality.

Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow Moonstone is extremely soft,  gentle and very feminine. It will clear and protect the energies around us. The feminine is on the rise in the next decade making Rainbow Moonstone wonderful support as we become more heart centred and intuitive.

Blue Chalcedony

20191228_105855Blue Chalcedony is another soft, gentle and very feminine stone, helping to soothe the emotions making it a valuable tool to reach for in times of trauma. It is a great stone for speaking one’s truth which always makes us feel more ourselves.

Heart Chakra Crystals

Even though a book or Google may say a  stone is specific for a certain chakra, all the above I have mentioned are also heart-related stones. My motto is if the colour of the stone or crystal and the colour pink are a match, the stone in question becomes a heart stone as well. Try it for yourself and see.


Mookaite in its natural form feels so different from other stones. To help explain the difference I would describe it as exceptionally cooling, soft and gentle. There are huge colour variations  and they all blend in with pink, making it a loving soft, gentle heart stone coming from Mother Earth giving us everything we require and more. We are striving for Ancient Sacred Information and here it is.

It really is amazing how crystals work. I have been focusing on soft and gentle and watching life unfold in front of me,  it is easy and wonderful. I am always happy to share my messages. Please take what you feel is right for you from these blogs, enjoy  and leave the rest. I’m happy to guide and assist you in the warehouse to choose your crystal for yourself or as a gift or over the phone or net.

Enjoy the ride

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