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Set Your Intentions & Amplify Your Goals

Welcome to 2020

Are you looking for inspiration?

Have you aligned your intentions? Are they clear and focussed?

Have you set your goals?

Natures cycles are in a continuous flow, when we add anniversaries and calendars we often take the opportunity to assess, reassess, adapt, set and align to new goals and intentions. We adjust our plans, clarify our desires and seek the path that will most likely get us there. Sometimes we do this on our birthday, the start of a new adventure or the start of a new calendar or financial year. For some people, this can be overwhelming, where to start, or you may feel that you or someone you see may just need some extra support and a reminder to stay aligned to their big picture and end goal.

I find crystals invaluable as a support to keep me focussed on my goals, clear with my intentions and thoughts, we know that energy follows thought and your intention increases this. To assist me I choose to give myself the best opportunity by wearing crystal and gemstone jewellery and by carrying a crystal pouch. I also have pouches around the house where I need them eg I have a clarity pouch and EMF pouch at my computer work station to assist my communications and get my message out there. Each pouch has an energetic combination of crystals that compliment each other and create a synergy in the organza pouch to remind you wherever they are placed or carried, of your intention to support you achieve your goal.


20200103_111401Love is always the place to start.

Rose Quartz is unconditional love for yourself before you can give to others(when your cup is full it is easy to give). This pouch is overflowing with three different rose quartz crystals, one polished engraved focus stone, one rough cut raw and one polished heart-shaped one. You attract what you put out if you are looking for love, personal and/ or universal love this pouch is radiant in love.


20200103_111535Has motivation slipped by your door over 2019?

Carnelian will help to keep the base chakra as clear as possible to help with your task. Carnelian works with creativity.

Amazonite will help to keep all parts of the personality in check.

Clear Quartz will help to clear the way  forward and protect at the same time. It’s a wonderful multi-tasker.



Smokey Quartz will help to stay grounded. This keeps things like stress, anxiety, depression at bay and the mind focused. This in turn will help to keep one’s  health in check.

Red Jasper is a fantastic nurturer for the base chakra.

Rose Quartz is love for yourself before others.


20200103_112410Tiger Eye will help provide balance, protection during travel and balance the lower chakras.  It will also give us the strength to overcome fatigue and discouragement.

Red Jasper is a wonderful nurturer.

Fluorite will put things in the body where they are meant to be. A wonderful tool to use whilst studying.


20200103_112717Fluorite will put everything in the body where it’s meant to be. A wonderful tool to use whilst studying.

Red Jasper will supply the nurturing.

Amethyst is a beautiful heart stone offering protection and support as well as speed up psychic development.


20200103_112933EMF’S (electromagnetic fields emitted from our devices)

Black Tourmaline enhances the human body’s own electrical field making it more grounded to ward off EMF’S.

Selenite absorbs toxic and negative energies.

Palo Santo is fabulous for smudging and clearing on all levels.

Clear Quartz will clear the way and sometimes quickly plus provide the necessary protection.

Happy Heart

20200103_113016Happy Heart is a beautiful pouch to support yourself, all 3 stones creating bliss.

Amethyst is a lovely heart stone providing protection and support and this also includes any psychic work.

Citrine will help with putting the past where it’s meant to be and providing abundance on all levels.

Rose Quartz is the ultimate nurturing stone.



Orange Calcite stimulates the energy in one’s body. It’s been likened to a ray of sunshine bringing in a new light.

Rose Quartz, is so much love.

Fluorite will automatically put ‘things’ in the right place in one’s body. Another great tool for study.





20200103_113759Peace within leads to peace on the outer.

Amethyst is a beautiful heart stone offering protection and support and is wonderful to use during any psychic work.

Red Jasper is a fantastic nurturer for the base chakra.

Blue Kyanite is a bringer of inner peace resulting in outer peace, which we must all have to live a healthy, happy and purposeful life.


20200103_113833Clear Quartz is the way forward, cleansing, absorbing, enhancing and protecting along the way.

Rainbow Moonstone is a stone of Magic. Play with your Magic and see how it works for you. I find this stone very feminine and perfect for 2020-2030.

Blue Kyanite is a bringer of inner and outer peace which we must all have to live a healthy, happy and purposeful life.



20200103_114107Green Aventurine is a bringer of abundance on all levels.

Red Aventurine is also an abundance bringer, revitalising the fire within and enabling the completion of tasks.

Citrine is another wonderful abundance stone. It will also  heal the past, helping to move forward in this life.



Agate is another heart stone, cleansing,  grounding and balancing on a very deep level. Fosters the love to start again.

Rose Quartz is full of love.

Amethyst is a beautiful heart stone offering protection, support and wonderful accompaniment to any psychic work.



20200103_114553We all have Magic inside and I think it’s an extremely valuable life tool.

Labradorite is another protection stone and very calming to the mind, making it easier to go to the heart.

Rainbow Moonstone aids intuition, seeing the future and bringing good fortune. I find it extremely feminine and another valuable tool for 2020-2030.

Amethyst is a heart stone, offering protection, support and another wonderful tool for any psychic work.

I have had so much support and benefit from these focus pouches that they are now available for purchase online and in-store to assist you or someone you know. They make great gifts.

Enjoy the ride

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