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Crystal Meditation,

Messages & the Collective

From an Astrology point of view, there is a substantial amount of action happening right now and we can see this reflected just within our Australian scene, let alone anywhere else in the Globe.

Hold Space

As we are all connected, it is very easy to feel others or what is also called ‘the collective’. This is very noticeable when major things happen that affect many people. To hold space for these people you can, stay in your heart and simply live a more relaxed, soft and gentle lifestyle.

Meditating with Crystals

Meditation is about relaxing the mind, heart, and body and keeping the soul happy. To help me navigate I find meditating with a crystal fits perfectly with my lifestyle. There are many ways to meditate. You can set the scene by lighting a candle on your altar, call in your angels and guides whilst sitting quietly with a crystal of your choice,  eyes closed, heart open and see what comes to you. You can ask for specific things, making sure you add “all for my Highest and best good.”

How to be open to receiving messages

I do make sure I have a quiet time where I sit, read, meditate and repeat. Messages do pop in when I least expect them. These messages can be in a variety of forms like something repeated, whilst driving, over and over and then I think “ok I get the message” and act as soon as I can. Other times I’m going about my business and words will pop in. Sometimes it all happens very quickly and I think, ‘what was that’ and hope it is repeated. I usually remember at some point.

Meditation in Motion

Morning beach time is another form of meditation. Sometimes I put my intention out there and I continue on my merry way. Taking pictures along the way is very relaxing for me.  If you can feel the happiness inside, you know you are doing the right thing.

Healing in the ocean, or at the beach

Going under waves I ask “please heal in me whatever has to be healed for mine and the galaxies highest and best good.”  Even floating in the ocean is meditative. All I have to do is lie there and soak up Mother Nature, noting the afterward feeling.  You can sit outside and just stare into space. We have so much inside us and I find it amazing where it all comes from, so the sooner it is out  the better.

Only this morning, whilst floating in the ever so refreshing ocean I received a quick message to “donate 25% of all sales to the NSWRFS(New South Wales Rural Fire Services), until the end of January 2020.” I choose to do what is suggested. It certainly is a heartfelt situation.

Take Action & Let Go

Practicing meditation helps us with our day to day health leading to happy longevity. The sooner we can put into practice a more heartfelt lifestyle, the better we will all feel. Meditating has a ripple effect and even effects Mother Nature and she will respond.

We may think that we are in control of our lives but at the end of the day, the planets are. They are here for us,  guiding all the way, even though it may not seem like that at times. The more we work on ourselves the better we will feel. Friends, family, pets, The Universe and your crystals all respond and will keep on responding.

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For crystal support on your journey view the crystals online at http://www.heartofthebay.com.au or on our Facebook shop. You can also contact me directly, or visit the crystal warehouse in the Byron Bay Industrial Estate for a personalized experience of the WOW factor.

Hugs and kisses to the collective

Enjoy the ride.





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