March Equinox

for the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

An Equinox is a time where the Earth’s equator passes through the centre of the Sun,  occurring twice a year. On the day of the Equinox, there is an equal time of day and night.  In the Northern Hemisphere it is the Spring Equinox and the Southern Hemisphere it is Autumn Equinox in March, usually around the 20-21st of the month.

During the Spring Equinox, daylight begins to increase as the days start to become longer and to bring in more Light. This is a reminder that light is returning to earth bringing with it new life, new beginnings, from the seeds that were previously planted.

With the Autumn Equinox, occurs on the day when night and day is of equal time, we are being reminded that the light is decreasing and to go within, reflecting on what has come to pass and fertilising the hopes and desires that we would like to create. During this time we can honour and appreciate our journey, so far.

Crystals to support the Autumn Equinox

Celebrating your harvests and accomplishments from the past season as we slow down and head towards a time of introspection and gathering of our energies. The following crystals may assist you during the autumn equinox.


Moonstone has the ability to enhance the feminine side of the mind and one’s kundalini energy and psychic ability. Moonstone has been used for centuries to connect to the energy and power of the moon.  The cycles of the moon have a strong effect on us, teaching us patience and working with Divine timing.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper will help to enhance one’s endurance and stamina by grounding our energy deep into the Earth and manifesting our creative blocks. It will support anyone who is determined to heal following a traumatic experience.

Tiger Eye

20200305_133249 (1)

Tiger Eye is another grounding stone teaching balance allowing one to express one’s creativity with confidence, clarity, fairness, enthusiasm, and strength.  A wonderful stone to carry if undertaking a stressful negotiating situation.

Blue Apatite

Blue Apatite can clear and focus it’s energy on the third-eye, stimulating inner vision and enhancing psychic abilities, helping one gain insight into one’s current situations. It is a very uplifting stone providing a higher perspective. We all have hidden knowledge, we just have to trust and practice. I’m sure everyone would love the opportunities and insights Blue Apatite can bring.

Crystals to support the Spring Equinox

In a celebration of birth, rebirth and the coming of the light, the following crystals are great supports and enhancers to bring new projects and creations to life whether you are in your garden, starting a new business venture or relationship. This is a time of energy and movement.

Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper is a wonderful stone to use to create your true heart’s desires as it is a happy heart stone. It allows us to access our cellular memory and by doing this we can change what is in our cells, if we so desire, and manifest our true heart’s desires.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is another beautiful heart stone that also creates abundance. It helps us to move forward with confidence in our new creations. It is a great stone to support an increase in abundance. Green Aventurine will also support if you are looking to move forward and require help.


Seraphanite is a very powerful self-healing stone that can be used on any part of the body, by releasing the old and allowing the new in. It has beautiful white angelic wings all over its dark green, showing that it has strong Angelic connections.

Crystal Grids for the Equinox

If you would like to enhance your intentions,  you could create a crystal grid to assist you to bring focused attention to your intent.

I  selected four stones to go around my heart centre piece and then another 4 and another. You can go around or up and down as many times as you wish. I chose a heart for my centre piece as my business is all heart and this decade’s energy is all about our heart.  As soon as you have selected your pieces, choose a special spot where you can leave the grid until you feel it’s time to move it.

Spring Equinox Grid

First I chose the Ocean Jasper Heart, then 4 Ocean Jasper tumbled stones, then four Green Aventurine, then the four Seraphanite for me I thought the grid could do with a little more, then I added four clear quartz.

I’ve only used clear quartz in the second example to show the difference.

Autumn Equinox

First I chose the Moonstone Heart, then the Tiger Eye and then the Apatite. I have used larger stones, in this grid, I thought it looked complete without the Clear Quartz.

As soon as the grids were complete I went into meditation and grounded both my intentions and the associated crystal energy deep into the earth and out onto the ethers. Now,  I will leave these and wait and see what happens.

You may wish to enhance the power of your crystals and make up a grid.

Clear Quartz


You can use any of the crystals explained above and then add Clear Quartz which absorbs, stores, releases, regulates and protects. It will clear the path to move forward and sometimes very quickly. Clear Quartz enhances psychic abilities and is a master healer.

The Equinox has been a time of celebration for centuries. The Druids in England and the Mayans in Central American have long observed the change in seasons, as an indication of the harvest season at the Autumn Equinox. You may wish to honour your own celebration.


Equinoxes are all about celebrating the season that has past and the coming of the new wether that is the coming of the light in spring or the coming of the dark in autumn. Equinoxes are the tipping point when the days and nights are of equal length before the change, the pause between inhalation and exhalation as the earth crosses the equator aligned with the sun’s axis.

Which hemisphere are you in this equinox?

Whether you are celebrating the spring equinox this March in the Northern Hemisphere or the Southern Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere, enjoy the energies that abound.  I’d love to hear your stories, experiences and see your crystal grids, you can share these in the comments.

Feel free to contact me if I can be of assistance with selecting your special pieces to celebrate the seasons and the equinox. We ship globally. Drop by our showcase of crystals in Byron Bay or connect with us online.

Enjoy the ride celebrating the equinox.

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