Our Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra is located just below the navel and is associated with the emotional body, sexuality and creativity. It is known as the second of the main seven chakras, it is the center for relationships.

Activating this energy center is thought to empower individual choice, which is why it is especially important for entrepreneurs. Its focus on relationships and expansion of those beyond your family tribe also make this an important element that is appealing to business owners.

Resonating with the colour orange, the sacral chakra is known as the pleasure energy center. If you are experiencing feelings of fear, dread, and anxiety it is possible that your second chakra is blocked.

Sacral Chakra Meditation

If you would like to tune in and become more familiar with your sacral you may choose a crystal to assist you to connect to the energies and perhaps either hold the crystal in your hands if sitting or place it on your lower abdomen if laying down. Affirm that all energies are for your “highest and best good and for the highest and best good of the universe.”

Focus on your breath and allow your breath to deepen down into your lower abdomen. As you breathe in invite orange energy into your body and breathe it into your sacral chakra and allow it to expand and radiate throughout the region. With every breath, you tune in with the energy of your sacral chakra and every time you exhale you let go of any feelings of fear, anxiety or dread. Every and every breath in, fills you with joy, pleasure, creativity, and synchronicity of happy, balanced relationships. When your entire body and being is overflowing with orange energy, become aware of your crystal and the frequency it is vibrating at, become aware of your sacral chakra and just breathe. There is nowhere to go, no place to be, just here and now.

When you are ready, gift all excess energies to the earth, become more aware and focussed on your senses any taste, smell, sound, anything you can feel or see. If you are feeling ungrounded I always hug a tree and walk barefoot on the earth.

Crystals for the Sacral Chakra

Orange Calcite

IMG_20180611_110924_479 (1)

Orange Calcite stimulates the physical body and our creative energy. It’s another of Nature’s wonderful crystals supporting us with getting and keeping our health on track. I have a large piece that sits just near me all the time. Orange Calcite brings a ray of sunshine into our energy field helping to shake off the ‘blues’. Orange Calcite is a fabulous stone for any type of business people who have to come up with new and fresh ideas and be one step ahead of others.



Carnelian is a powerful chakra activator, bringing an influx of life force, sexual and creative energies and strong will. Carnelian blends very well with Rose Quartz activating the Heart Chakra. If in need of powerful physical support call on both Carnelian and Rose Quartz until one has reached the desired outcome.

Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye stimulates chakras helping one to keep a calm, fair,  balance on one’s projects. This is a stone of mental clarity energising the body and supplying the necessary endurance and strength to complete projects that carry duress.


Citrine without a doubt is my favourite. It is a stone that can be used for both the Sacral and our wonderful Heart.  It will open us up to more clarity, increased creativity and magnifies our power to manifest. It opens us up to our imagination and this is where Spirit comes in.




Amazonite is a truth stone,  bringing in harmony for everyone. It will awaken compassion through the heart chakra. Amazonite is a  magnifying manifesting stone working on one’s dreams and desires until fruition, through the use of the spoken word. It will also help with anything physical requiring healing.


Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper is a  happy high stone helping one to see that one’s problems are really mice. It supports expressing love in words, thoughts, and actions. It will help one let go of complacency and taking one’s loved ones, friends and family for granted. It is very much a stone of the moment which is where we all need to be.

I think we all would like to enjoy an abundance of pleasure in our lives. I am focusing on increasing love for my Sacral and Heart Chakra. I would love to hear about your experiences and any tips you have for doing the same. If you liked this blog, remember that sharing is caring, perhaps we can keep spreading the love and keep the conversation and good vibes flowing.

Enjoy the ride

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