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I believe it’s imperative that we all find the creative within, our passion. By utilising our creative side we are releasing dopamine which is a feel-good chemical that helps with motivation. Motivation improves our overall health, leading to a happy satisfying life.

Creativity can lead to passion & solidify self-worth.

We all have many creative threads or ideas within to be nurtured to keep our mind, body, and soul happy. It’s relaxing and heartfelt to channel our energies in a different direction from time to time. By connecting with the creative within we are solidifying our self-worth. We are also giving Spirit the chance to drop messages to us.

Finding Your Passion

Over time we have probably found many passions, sometimes without realising. Within one passion, other interests and new passions may appear that were previously never thought of and one thing can certainly lead to another. For me, many years ago  I found a previously unknown love of crystals and sitting with them, or taking them for a daily walk and swim and photographing is an absolute delight. My mind goes off into another place and I can feel my heart open which allows me to receive the messages I’m now ready for. My open heart has lead me to undertake a silversmithing course that goes hand in hand with my crystals.

Passions may come and go or they may last many years or a lifetime, it really doesn’t matter as long as it is loved. Passions may also develop into a business or they may stay as a hobby. If it fills you with joy and harms no one, why not take the chance on a new adventure and discover and develop your passion?

Crystals to support creativity

As I am learning new techniques in my newly discovered joy of silversmithing and jewellery making I chose crystals that would support me on this new journey and uplift my creativity.

Elestial Quartz

Elestial Quartz due to its formation it is an easy way for the spiritual realm to give us information and love. They act like a crystalline switchboard linking dimensions, times and levels of consciousness to one another. Kept in close proximity they act like a radio tuned to the ‘Higher Self Channel’.  These crystals constantly give out a vibration that reminds us to reconnect to the inner world of spirit.

20200625_141009I chose this Elestial,  because of the shape and it will be a pendant that I can wear to assist me to stay aligned and in tune with my higher self and connected to spirit.

Rainbow Moonstone Cabochon

Rainbow Moonstone is associated with the feminine energy of the Goddess, giving out vitality, life force, and joy and helping to successfully empower the feminine aspects of ourselves regardless of gender. Empowering our feminine energy is a theme for this decade for all to embrace.


Chrysoprase is a stone of pure green ray making it a stone of the heart. Its color speaks of its strong healing ability and its connection to the nature spirits. Wearing or meditating with Chrysoprase brings us to a deep connection with mother earth and other earth spirit entities, keeping us centered in our hearts at all times. Chrysoprase is an excellent prosperity stone and a powerful Love attractor, helping to prepare the heart for a new relationship.

Smoky Quartz


Smoky Quartz is one of the stronger grounding and clearing stones. We are spectacular human beings but in order to be the absolute best version of ourselves, grounding is important to bring our ideas to fruition and  Smoky Quartz has a unique way of doing this. Smoky Quartz also offers protection from EMF’S (electromagnetic frequency which is emitted from all our devices)

Creativity in Flow

By implementing our creative ideas we are releasing blocks in the body. Once released energy flows allowing ease of life.  Creativity can be as simple as gardening, cleaning, or rearranging the furniture and we all know how we feel afterward.

By participating in the jewellery making course I am learning to slow down and be in the moment. I am practicing mindfulness in every moment to stay focused and have a totally different perspective on the finer details of practical jewellery creation. Even after one week of the course and playing for a few days after, I’ve found my creativity has extended into other ideas.

With the earring design, I will be able to interchange the stones, giving me a different pair of earrings as desired and needed to keep my energies fully supported as my needs change.

If you would like to set your creative inner self free I can help with natural and polished stones with and without a hole, in a huge variety of gemstones and crystals.

Enjoy the ride.

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