Embracing Change

during the Eclipse & Solstice

The times, they are a Change’n



Over the last 12 years, we have all experienced so much change and there is certainly more to come, especially this weekend where we have another world wide Eclipse and the Winter Solstice on the 21st June in the southern hemisphere. The Summer Solstice, in the northern hemisphere, occurs on the same date but they will be going within or into the winter.

Energies of the Eclipse

An eclipse is an astronomical event where one object in the sky moves into the shadow of another object. This is a solar eclipse and the moon stands between the sun and the earth cutting off the light of the sun. It is bringing new beginnings, new thoughts, curiosity,  ideas, or exciting news.  The universe is wanting us to move forward. Remember with new beginnings there must be room in our busy lives for the new, so things may have to be let go. If anything is past its use-by date, let it go.

The effects of the eclipse are personal or individual, so each of us will be affected in a different way like the pendulum can swing in any direction, for me I keep on manifesting and grounding my thoughts and actions deep into the earth’s crust and positive things are happening.

Exciting Times

This is an exciting time as we are being shown whatever is for our highest and best good is coming to fruition. For the southern hemisphere, we are coming to the end of our winter or longer days and moving into the light, or our shorter warmer days. It is all happening this weekend, on Sunday morning, the Sydney time of the eclipse is 04.40am  The northern hemisphere is the opposite.

Embrace the change the eclipse initiates with:


Garnet has been used as far back as the Bronze Age and in Egypt more than five thousand years ago and in Sumeria, around 2100 B.C. Garnets are tools for making the products of creative imagination manifest. If we keep imagining and imagining, ideas grow and we can put the idea into practice by playing around with it and it then grows until finally, we have the fruits of our labor.

Grossular Garnet

Grossular garnet is a very potent stone for prosperity, helping to receive true abundance and to be grateful for the abundance. It can also help with recovering health, especially after surgery,  or recovering from trauma.

Garnet is a powerful tool in healing blockages and trauma, helping to open, clear and activate loving energy. It can also recover vital information about our individual purpose on Earth as some contain record keepers (they are the raised triangles visible on the outside of the stone).

Malachite and Green Aventurine are known to work very well with Garnet as they are all heart stones.


Malachite strengthens our ability to take action and follow our dreams from thought to ideas, bringing our manifestations into reality. It will also show us that many ideas can come from the one thought, like the roots of a tree.

Malachite will let us know that we are co-creators with the Universe, meaning action and grounding are required on thoughts to bring them to fruition. It can help restore physical health and vitality.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is a stone of looking on the bright side of life, helping to move forward with spring in one’s step with confidence.

Green Aventurine is another strong heart and abundance stone. It’s like spring has sprung, stimulating the renewal of the physical and emotional body, helping to release old patterns and any type of illness to move forward.

Choosing to move forward with change

Regardless of what we think or feel the Universe is moving us forward no matter what this weekend through energies of the eclipse. Change is the one constant in life, embracing and adapting to the everchanging flow of new situations allows us to expand with more harmony as opposed to resisting and finding ourselves in places of struggle. Supporting our own wholistic well being and self-nurturing our beings assists us to be the best we can through change. Do you have your Garnets, Malachite, and Green Adventurine ready?

Enjoy the ride.

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