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How to Clear & Raise your Energy

Embrace the ancient tradition of smudging and raise your wellbeing and vibrations on all levels.

Are you feeling lethargic, suffering from low vibes, or stagnant?

Do you feel stuck or suffer from a restless night?

Are you experiencing bad dreams?

Benefit from clearing your energy field or aura of negative energies, attachments, or undesired experiences that are no longer serving you, our auric, or energetic bodies surround our physical bodies and may hold undesired energies that we absorb through experience or the people around us and spaces we move through. It may be time to smoke it off, or use crystals to clear your energy fields to release what is holding you back, and raise your vibrations, to allow yourself to truly align and move forward on your path unencumbered. The age-old use of utilizing crystals, feathers, and smoke from herbs, plants, and incense is as valid today as they were centuries ago.

20200707_105101Smoke has been used to clear the old, welcome the new, uniting past and present wisdom to move forward with the future, rid bad spirits and dreams and uplift a person’s spirit and wellbeing. Incense has also been proven to have antibacterial benefits and transformative qualities. If you suffer from allergies from smoke, there are crystal wands and alternatives to support you in achieving a similar result. Smudging and smoke ceremonies are a part of cultural history on all continents.

The tradition of smudging and smoke ceremonies

Various versions of smudging and smoke ceremonies have been used around the globe by various cultures for eons. Both tribal cultures and religious sects have used smoke as a form of cleansing and often initiation. Catholic mass utilizes a metal turibulum that hangs from chains to burn incense. Sainings or the smudging smoke ritual were used by the Norse to clear away bad spirits. Native Americans often called in and welcomed the seven directions of East, South, West, North, Above, Below and Within as well as their nine totem animals during smudging, sometimes animal hair was burned to invite that spirit to attend.

Whether you are smudging herbs, a root, hair, plants, fungi, or incense the ritual recognizes uniting the physical whilst connecting into the spiritual. The physical product you burn transforms through fire into the airborne smoke of the spiritual realm. Smoking ceremonies have long been a part of the country of Australia.

Smoke Ceremonies

The ancient Aboriginal smoke ceremony incorporated the burning of selected native flora to produce smoke, with participants invited into the circle to move through the smoke. Depending on the reason for the ceremony dictated the type of plant and the part of the plant used for the smoking and could incorporate native fungi, bark and leaves. Smokings were used to welcome, cleanse, unite the past and present and recognize and respect the wisdom of the elders whilst clearing the way for the future.

Smudge Sticks

Smudge sticks are a bundle of herbs that are dried and bound into tight sticks or wads that are easy to hold and burn. Common smudge sticks include:

Soothing Lavender is a calming herb and is great to clear spaces and energy by visualizing a violet flame of light as you clear. It is often used in bedrooms and during circle openings at gatherings.


Healing Sage upholds intention, clears and uplifts, it transmutes 94% of airborne bacteria and has been used for centuries to ward off bad spirits. When Sage is burnt it releases ions which is why it is so powerful at dispersing negative energy. The scent is quickly absorbed and triggers neuro reactions which can transmute negative thoughts and tendencies to positive and uplifting ones. Sage is great for dispelling and cutting unwanted chords from daily life, people, and past experiences or worries.

20200707_110049The Sacred Ancient Palo Santo has long been used to distress the mind of worry and the body of colds and flu created by immune deficiencies and inflammation. Palo Santo is from the Spanish Holy Tree that is allowed to die naturally and rest on the earth for ten plus years before being made into smudge sticks. It is used in Southern America for healing and spiritual rights.

Protective Cedar has an old soul and invokes ancient wisdom as it clears and protects.

In a healing smudge ceremony Lavender can be used to welcome and clear the space, then Sage to heal and then Cedar to reinforce energetic protection. By utilising this method we can clear the energetic bodies, uplift the spirit, and invite healing and a clear path forward, aligned with the raised energies now established.

Incense is usually formed from tree resin and can be burned as cones, sticks, or on charcoal tablets. Myrr is a used to connect to the highest truth and enlightenment, it resonates at the highest level that you are now ready for. Frankincense is used to cleanse and protect the soul, it transmutes the stagnant energies of depression and connects the user with their third eye and celestial vision. It is important to remember that energy follows thought, attention, and focus.

Intention & Affirmation

By setting your intention at the initiation of the ceremony or the lighting of the material assists to ground in the reason, define your intention and channel-focused energy for your cause as you smudge. You can increase the intensity of the energy by repeating an affirmation or invoking the energies of a chant, perhaps you wish to vocalize the totems and spirit guides you choose to call in to assist you. Don’t forget to thank the energies of those who contribute and gift the excess energies into the earth.

How to Smudge

20200707_105410Choose your material to light whether it be a plant, incense, herbs on charcoal, or a smudge stick. Have a bowl with sand close by to rest on or dab out your selected material. A feather, bunch of leaved branches or bouquet or selenite wand are great tools for directing the smoke using a fanning motion. If you use a feather to smudge, sweep with the feather held the same way a bord would fly, the underside must face the ground ensuring that your intentions soar and uplift and fly like a bird. You may choose to fan around a person, through a room or space. Everywhere the smoke wafts and disperses to is effected, so don’t forget to get in the small corners of a room or ask for a person to raise their arms and each foot to allow you to smudge beneath arms and feet.

When to Smudge

20200707_110511You smudge whenever you feel the need or your intuition prompts you. It is a common practice to smudge a house at the change of seasons and on solstices, eclipses, new and full moons. Some people smudge themselves at the beginning of their daily meditation, before bed to clear a room and invite a clam sleep, lavender is particularly good for this. Certain events invite a clearing and may include your work, creative and whole-house space, for example, the end of a career, job, or relationship or whenever you are experiencing transition and change. Facilitators of circles and healing groups often smudge the gathering space before a meeting to clear the space and set an intention, as each person arrives to welcome them and clear their auric field and at the end of a gathering to transmute any negative energies.

Clear your aura with crystals

For those that are smoke sensitive, you can also clear your auric field and transmute unwanted energies by using crystal wands. By utilizing a wand aligned with intention and creating sweeping and flowing movements through the aura, energies may be cleared and healed. Selenite wands are great for this and can also be used to smudge instead of a feather.

Selenite Wands


Selenite wands are known for their high precision vibes that radiate out whilst clearing energy spaces whether that is an environmental space or the energy surrounding a person or animal. Often used during meditation particularly when healing is desired or a new higher level of vibrational frequency desired. As high-level transmuters they are ideal to dispel bad spirits and negative energies. Due to their uplifting energies, they are often sort out by those experiencing depression and anxiety to act as a grounding force to allow light to channel into a room, for this reason, they are often found on energetic altars.

Caring for your Selenite Wand

Selenite is formed from gypsum on the salt flats and shouldn’t be cleaned with water, instead keep it dry. Selenite has slithers that can break away, to avoid this keep your wand wrapped in a silk scarf when not on display or when in transit and if possible within a case or box. To cleanse your wand it is a good idea to allow it to bask and absorb the moons rays each full and new moon. You can also clear it with affirmation and incense, and the use of intention coupled with a sweeping feather, or place it on an amethyst cluster.

Crystal Wands

Other crystal wands may also be used if you prefer to invite particular energy for example using a rose quartz wand for love, an amethyst wand for protection, or citrine for prosperity. The most important thing is to connect with your intuition and follow it.

Maintaining your high vibes

Once you have experienced the change initiated from a smudge or smoke ceremony and the new energies created around yourself or in your space you will want to maintain the good vibes with ongoing ritual. Your intention, affirmation, crystals, meditation, and smudging can all combine in a way that suits you to best support your needs and desires. As holistic beings to maintain high vibes smudging either with crystals or smoke assists the energetic, emotional, and spiritual realms for complete wellbeing, don’t forget your physical and emotional needs too.

If you have any questions, need assistance in selecting the best smudge stick for you or for all your crystal needs drop by the warehouse and enjoy our showcased crystals, gemstones, fossils, and unique collector’s pieces.

Enjoy the ride.

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