Crystals & plants

for prosperity, abundance

& holistic wealth.

Holistic wealth encompasses all aspects of your life the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, it is your complete wellbeing. Inviting prosperity and abundance into your life is something most of us desire for a harmonious lifestyle and flow of living and being. Sometimes no matter how hard we try we can’t seem to make the shift we desire into a clear and uplifting space of receiving. By incorporating crystals, plants, intention, and affirmation we can channel the energy we need for holistic wealth.

Prosperity in Abundance

Would you like more

prosperity & abundance in your life?

How to Amplify Abundance

Intention & Affirmation

By being clear on our vision and what we want to achieve we can clarify our intention. By clarifying our intention we can identify our mission and create a pathway of progressive steps that are actionable towards our goals and affirmations that support these. Despite the best intentions, everything doesn’t always go according to plan and this is where being mindful of our thoughts, actions and reactions can come into play. Sometimes we need some extra support to stay in the moment and in our hearts aligned to the positive vision we wish to create, the future of our holistic wealth.

Energy Follows Thought

Energy follows thought, by acknowledging our thoughts and choosing to be mindful of our mental wellbeing and inner dialogues we can choose to shape the reality of our next moments and next day. Crystals support us with their energy and act as reminders to stay aligned to our intentions which aid us in creating the tomorrow we want as we clear the hurdles of life.

Your thoughts today – seed tomorrow’s manifestations.

What flowers are you growing to receive tomorrow?

Invite holistic health & wealth into your life with crystals.

By selecting and placing crystals within your environment helps bring focus and intention of thought, which energy follows into certain areas to increase the desired energetic vibration. Carried in a pocket or bag, allows a crystal to easily be accessed for immediate relief, comfort, and support. Worn as jewelry, crystals remind us to stay aligned and focused on a specific intention and goal, they keep our vision foremost on our mind so we can allow ourselves to keep moving forward and receiving in each moment.

Energetic Pathway – Intention > Invite > Clear > Transmute > Recieve

Crystals for prosperity


Jade has long been associated as a crystal that invites wealth, prosperity, and richness into the owner’s life. Jade is also a gemstone of protection. If you feel like you need a bit of extra luck as you work towards your long term goals, Jade is the ideal crystal as it grounds through a consistent vibration of wisdom from the ancient elders.


Citrine the gemstone of prosperity was often given with a gold coin if you ever gifted anyone with a wallet or purse. Always keep citrine with a piece of gold, or gold coin to increase prosperity. Citrine invites clarity of mind to increase wealth, whilst increasing your known worth.

Pyrite – one the 8 of wealth

white stone


Pyrite is a gemstone of wealth and is often included in crystal grids featuring seven other crystals to invite wealth into your life. Eight is the number of infinite energy and invokes the energy of money. If you create a crystal grid using eight crystals you further focus the energy of thought on the creation of wealth. Pyrite represents the optimism that is associated with wealth creation.



Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is a crystal of amplification. It invites abundance by increasing the energy level and channel available for manifestation. As a companion crystal surrounded by other crystals that create wealth, prosperity, and abundance it serves as the heightened receiver to ground in the energies to the physical. It is ideal as a central piece within your crystal grids.

Crystal Grids – increase your focus

Crystal grids assist you to harness the energies of focus and amplify the energies surrounding your intention. By arranging a collection of crystals into a formation, whilst holding a specific intention during the process, aligns the crystals to stay programmed to the vibration of your intention. This alignment resonates and continues to call in your affirmed goal energetically with the universe until the crystals are rearranged or dispersed. To create your grid you can use a sacred geometric shape or follow your heart and intuition and allow it to lead you to your perfect crystal grid arrangement.

Unique Crystal Pieces  – ground & amplify

By choosing a unique, sizeable crystal piece and positioning it within a room it aids in attracting and grounding in particular energy for which that crystal is associated with. If you combine this piece with the affirmation you can amplify the intention of both the crystal and its placement. Every time you see the crystal you are reminded of the affirmation and intention of vision, your energy follows this thought and amplifies the manifestation process into physical being. Feature pieces are powerful attractors of energy and also act as aesthetic room enhancers.

Scattered Chips – subtle reminders

Are you ready to receive?

Crystal chips scattered on surfaces or collected within a vessel like a glass goblet or bowl act as subtle reminders to ground intentions into reality. Rose Quartz chips used throughout a room invite unconditional love, self-care and resonate with being worthy and open to receiving. Being open and willing to receive prosperity and abundance is important.  If you do all the preparation work but are closed to receiving you may want to scatter some rose quartz chips to support you. Carrying or wearing rose quartz may also assist you to remain open to being ready and willing to receive. You are worthy.

Plants & Crystal clusters to clear & transmute space.

Indoor plants to transmute energy

Loving indoor plants increases the growth within the plant, whilst improving your indoor environment. Indoor plants remove toxins from the air as they produce oxygen which assists you to increase your mental productivity. Creating a positive workplace is something a lot of us are thinking about with so many working from home. Plants are known to enrich our health and wellbeing by creating a happy, relaxed environment, which in turn encourages us to join them in releasing happy, feel-good vibes.

Not all plants can adapt to growing indoors, by choosing the right plant we can transmute unwanted energies, clear the space, and invite specific benefits. These benefits can then be amplified by placing a companion crystal with your plant. It is equally important to unite the right crystal and plant for a harmonious environment.

Companion Crystals for your Indoor Plants

Sage placed near a sunny window uplifts the vibrations of the room and invites clarity of thought. Choose a clear quartz crystal as a companion to your sage to amplify the harmonious energies of this plant that is often dried and burned in smudge sticks to transmute spaces both on an energetic level and physically on an antibacterial level.

Lavender placed in a sunny spot on a veranda, at the entrance to your property/house or near a window that allows the sun in, protects your property and space by transmuting energies. Known as a healing and calming plant, Lavender is often associated with a good night’s sleep and great for anxiety.  Lavender has also long been known as a companion plant of Saint Germain the Master of Transmutation. Scatter Rose Quartz chips in your lavender pot to invite unconditional love energy to replace the transmuted undesired energies.

Rosemary loves the sun. If you have a room that feels like the energy is stagnant or is stuck, rosemary plants invite this energy to move on, to clear the space and invite new energy in. Amethyst clusters love being placed near rosemary and can add the bonus of focused protection with the transmutation of all undesired energies.

Mothers in Law Tongue or Snake Plant should only be grown in pots. Snake Plant is great indoors and tolerates low light environments. As a succulent, it requires little maintenance. A solid grounding plant, Snake plant consistently clears the lower energies of a room, particularly if kept near your electronic devices that emit EMF (Electro-Magnetic Frequencies). These plants work on an amplified level when combined with a Smoky Quartz generator.

Peace Lilly is one of the best plants to populate your rooms with indirect light. Place in a high trafficked area as they are one of the best plants for absorbing negative energy and converting poor air quality. They are a plant that uplifts and sings in new vibrations. They happily enjoy the companionship of a Citrine generator to increase prosperity and uplift a room.

Indoor plants to increase positivity

Spider Plants are low maintenance plants that increase positivity and remove 95% of toxins in the air. They are pet friendly and very forgiving for those of us who may not have green thumbs. They are a high vibe plant and perfect for meditation space to maintain a clear space of good vibes. They loved being partnered with Jade.

Maiden Hair Fern enjoys small pots and being sprayed with a light mist. It does not like to be repotted and enjoys being placed in its permanent home where it will ground its energy and then transmute and uplift the energy of the room. Some people have seen this fern, “dance” when positive energies are in the flow and for this reason, it is often used in rooms where energetic spaces are of high importance. It enjoys citrine chips and rose quartz chips around its base to synchronize with its subtle energy. Healers in Celtic England were said to keep Maiden Hair Fern in their apothecaries to ground in healing energy and act as the room’s transmuter.

Jade plants are a succulent that invites prosperity into all aspects of your life. They are often associated with holistic wealth and wellbeing and should be placed at the entrance to your home and in your office. Partner these plants with Clear Quartz and Citrine to increase abundance.

Fishbone Fern is an Australian native fern but is considered a weed as they spread rapidly so only grow them indoors. These plants are master transmuters and converters of undesired energies and can rapidly uplift the energy of a room. Their high vibrations are amplified when combined with Clear Quartz Terminators.

Happy Plants uplift the energy of the room and are known as a plant of prosperity. They work well with either a Clear Quartz cluster at their base or a Pyrite. It is an old tradition to place a gold coin in the crown of the happy plant when you first place it in your house. It is said that as the plant grows so too will your wealth.

Amethyst Clusters

If indoor plants aren’t your thing, Amethyst clusters are the ultimate transmuters of unwanted energy in rooms. They are also great to cleanse your other crystals on as they clear and transmute any energy not of the highest light. They do also work well with all plants and work well paired with plants in a corner space of the room that may have stagnant energy.

Selenite wands

Selenite clears and uplifts the energy of the room and can be used to sweep or crystal smudge a room to dispel lesser and unwanted energies. Selenite wands are often used on altars and work well placed next to a plant to clear and uplift the energy of a room to new levels. Make sure you don’t get your Selenite Wand wet.

Invest time by clarifying your vision & intention


By taking the time to clarify and confirm your vision, set your intention, and voice it through affirmation, whilst taking progressive actions towards achieving your vision, we can all look forward to benefitting from the positive energetic results. Selecting the best gemstones for you to invite and welcome prosperity and abundance to overflow into all aspects of your life, ensures you have the crystal support you need. Choosing the correct pieces and formations for your needs, allows you to clear your space and transmute all undesired energies.

If you need to add to your crystal collection and are looking for quality crystals infused with the energies of Byron Bay you can visit our Facebook shop, or our website, phone or drop into Heart of the Bay in the Byron Bay Industrial Estate and experience the showcase of crystal energies first hand. I am happy to assist you with your crystal needs to,

Enjoy the ride.

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