Crystals for kids

Inspire the sense of adventure whilst developing skills, imagination and the art of story in your kids by incorporating crystals. Crystal crafts and activities have multiple benefits. Keep your kids inspired, happy and entertained with theses ideas including a free... #crystalhealing #ByronBaycrystals #Crystals #Kids #Children #holidayactivities

Larimar - Heart of the Bay - Byron Bay Crystals

Larimar is a valuable resource to have on hand, to keep us young at heart and in tune with nature's rhythms. Put the fun back in your work day with dolphin energy and the crystals that compliment Larimar as a heart stone including ...

Grounding - Blog - Byron Bay Crystals - Heart of the Bay

Are you grounded?

How are you handling all the planetary action that is happening?

Grounding is highly  important and probably underrated and ...