Crystals for kids

Children naturally live in the moment, which encourages wonder, appreciation and movement towards whatever ignites their interest. Kids ask questions and react to what feels good to them, so it is no wonder that children are naturally drawn towards crystals, gemstones and fossils. They appreciate the individuality and details within each specimen and, isn’t that something to encourage, an appreciation, acceptance and celebration of being unique? A value I’m sure that most of as parents hope to instill in our children.

We also want our kids to be happy and hope to support them. The healing properties of crystals can assist us to provide a physical tool for kids to relate to, whilst also providing support on an emotional level.

Crystals can bring back the magic for kids of all ages with fairy gardens, treasure hunts and companion gardening. Getting out of doors and into nature, with fresh air is always a good thing when electronic devices that emit EMFs (Electro-Magnetic Frequencies) are often surrounding them indoors. The rainbow of colours and diverse formations available within the crystal world encourage creativity and sparks the imagination for possibilities and worlds within gemstones.

Crystal Healing and kids

Kids enjoy the broad colour spectrum and diversity of crystals. They are often naturally attracted to the crystal that they need and act by spending time with that particular gemstone. Children are usually open to receiving the beneficial energies of crystals as they are more in-tune with living in the moment and connection with their intuition.

When you pay attention to what kids paint and draw, you may notice that they naturally draw auras or energetic fields in colour around living creatures, this occurs before they are schooled or trained that what they feel or see isn’t real. Kids are often operate at a higher more honest level of intuition than many adults, if we trust them, they will choose the crystals they need.

Anything that invites wonder and initiates questions that lead to discovery is something to be encouraged. The scientific, geological path of uncovering the history of the how and why a gemstone or fossil is the way it is, is a path of learning and self discovery that all can enjoy. The learning inspired by crystals, gemstones and fossils is the gift that keeps on giving.

How to Explain Crystals to your kids

Crystals are created in nature, often when hot liquids cool. The different colours depend on the types of minerals that are combined. Sometimes crystals are called gemstones. There are many different types of formations or shapes of crystals which are created depending on the tiny molecule patterns that are created when they are formed like a jigsaw.

Fossils are often formed when an animal or plant dies in mud or covered in water or lava. As time goes by the bones are buried and the flesh falls away leaving the bones that continued to be covered in sediment or soils which eventually compact, harden and become rocks or fossils. Fossils connect us with lives of the past and glimpses into another world.

Promote learning with Crystals

Anything that promotes questions can stimulate discovery in finding and understanding the answers. A common question from kids is:

How are geodes formed?

Geodes are the rocks that contain a city of crystal points inside when cracked open. Geodes form when a bubble of carbon dioxide or water creates a space in hot lava or when water creates cracks that leave spaces in lava. Your imagination can create whole worlds of magic within a geode.

Teaching Children about Crystal Energy

Living in the rainbow region of the world and located in Byron Bay, kids are naturally drawn to the crystals they need and surrounded by crystals due to our location and lifestyle. Children are more in-tune with the crystals that call to them and will intuitively reach for what they need. They also tend to naturally place crystals on their body where they need them as we would in a crystal healing. Kids will let you know through questions when they are ready for more information on a deeper level.

Are crystals safe for kids?

Crystals are safe for kids. Be sure to choose a size of crystal that is not going to be a temptation as a choking hazard. It is also a good idea to stay clear of raw Calcite, Kyanite, Selenite and Tiger Eye due to the splinter shards that can detach from the crystal.

Quartz, Agate and polished gemstones are safe for children, as are clusters and fossils.

Crystals for kids

Kids love colour and texture. Crystal clusters and geodes inspire the imagination. Phantom Quartz and Rainbow Quartz provide intrigue and the starting point of stories within the crystal. A collection of tumbled gemstones or crystal chips can combine all the colours of the rainbow, our auras and chakras and offer the opportunity for kids to choose what they need and are attracted to work with energetically based on what their intuition pulls them towards. Fossils ignite scientific pathways of exploration and inquiry and can initiate adventures of the mind.

Crystals for teens

Jewellery, runes, a gemstone or fossil piece that can be treasured for years to come are some of examples of what teens tend to seek out in our warehouse showroom. The ongoing expanded energy from the crystals given as gifts is empowered and tenfold that of a usual crystal especially when positive intention is programmed into the crystal.

For teens entering a year of heavy study, crystals to assist sleep, focus and staying calm can be beneficial. A pouch or collection including Blue Lace Agate, Amethyst, Citrine and Clear Quartz can support their endeavors.

To enhance confidence and self belief Rose Quartz, Jade, Amethyst and Turquoise can assist individuals or groups within a room or shared space. This is also an ideal combination for teachers and facilitators to place in classrooms.

Crystal Crafts for kids of all ages

Whether you are reconnecting with your own inner child or creating an activity to entertain kids, the time spent holding and working with crystals benefits us energetically even when we are not consciously aware of their healing benefits and properties. Crystals elevate the imagination and creative arts to a new dimension.

Fairy Gardens

Creating fairy gardens with crystals either outdoors or in a terrarium or mossarium makes a great imaginative activity that involves nature and invites the development of story. Who lives and visits this garden? Perhaps it’s the Fae or perhaps the Japanes Kodama spirits that protect the trees.

Enchanted Magic Doors

Forest bathing or walking in nature refuels the soul. Detaching from the demands of electronic devices and breathing in the moment whilst enjoying the big picture and finding new inspiration in the details or looking up for a new perspective can give everyone the time out you need. Whether you are in your garden, or on a walk adding a touch of magic that sparks a thought of a tale or what if story, can bring a smile to another’s face and perhaps turn their day around. Story is also a great form of teaching and a way to connect with your children on a deeper level.

Adding a magic fairy door to your garden against a tree can add another dimension of intrigue. Perhaps you can make and paint a wood door out of sticks woven or glued together with a crystal for a door knob. Or perhaps the door to another dimension is a crystal placed against a tree or in the nook of tree roots.

Crystal sun-catchers, dream-catchers and wind-chimes

There is an endless supply of crystal craft ideas that kids can easily get involved in. Creating a sun-catcher out of tumbled stones glued either side of fishing line or crystals with holes strung in a circle or line and hung in a window or outside can invite rainbows into your life.

Talismans to invite the good, banish the negative and unwanted energies and spirits can be enjoyed by all ages. They make great gifts and have a deeper meaning when we create them ourselves. Dream- catchers hung in bedrooms and bedroom windows can capture bad spirits, negative energy and and nightmares within their web. Wind-catchers are said to scare away bad spirits and call in magic. Hang them in where you walk or in trees around your house or in windows to allow only positive energy to enter your house.

Crystal Pets

Adding some eyes by sticking on craft google eyes or drawing or painting them directly on to a tumbled gemstone or larger crystal is only the start of creating a crystal pet. Crystal pets can fit perfectly into a child’s hand and be carried in their pocket or own pet house. Smaller crystal pets may fit within a matchbox house. A crystal pouch is another option for a crystal pet house.

The added benefit of crystal pets is that kids can receive the ongoing energies and crystal properties of the gemstone without being aware. Crystal pets are tactile objects that can reassure kids and remind them that they are loved and ok when they feel them in their pocket. Carrying a solid shape and holding it during times of anxiety or a panic attack can bring a person’s attention to what they are holding and ground them which can assist them to break the cycle of the attack. The solid shape acts like a Remember-all in Harry Potter, the visual and tactile object prompts the memory whether it’s to breathe, smile or that you are loved.

Crystal Experiences for Kids

The diversity of experiences we can offer our kids with crystals are only limited to our own imagination. Whether you are catering for one child or a party of kids crystals can be integrated in activities and allow kids to learn, develop skills and explore how far their imagination can expand with the art of story telling. Don’t limit crystals to being an inside only adventure, encourage kids to get outside away from devices by developing a treasure hunt or incorporating some crystal gardening.

Crystal Treasure Hunt

Building new skills through adventure is exciting as a kid and adult. Why not create a map and step outside on an adventure to the destination where X marks the spot. Have a map or create a treasure hunt with progressive clues. Hide a pouch of crystals, or chest of crystals as treasure. Treasure hunts are a triple gift, there’s the treasure, the ongoing benefits of the crystals in the treasure and also the experience and joy of a treasure hunt through a map or finding the answers to clues. Adding a magnifying glass with the treasure gives kids every opportunity for further discovery in greater detail. If you use a treasure map and it can be coloured in, it becomes an added bonus and way to calm and quieten down after the excitement of the treasure hunt. If you enjoy colouring you may wish to print out this blog post and colour in the crystal images.

Crystal Gardening

Companion growing with crystals not only energetically uplifts your garden, and can help to attract bees with colour, they provide an enchanted magical element that looks great. Don’t leave Calcite, Kyanites or Selenites outside as they erode with water. Choosing crystals to enhance the garden is a great activity for kids to do and great fun to place around the garden. You may want to place tumbled stones, larger pieces or clusters or groups of crystals under certain trees or in particular positions. Placing crystals in shallow water bowls can create a bee drinking pit stop where the bees are attracted to the colours and able to land on the crystals to drink.

Creating an outdoor crystal grid for protection around your house using Rose Quartz, Amethyst clusters, Jade and Clear Quartz is an easy activity to involve children with by inviting them to place the crystals at the points of the compass directions and entry points.

Crystal Talismans

A talisman is a reminder, it is a physical object that is believed to bring comfort and good luck. Essentially it is a tool which by giving an object a set intention allows energy to follow thought and aids us in manifesting that intention. We have all gone through rough times at some stage in our lives and both adults and children can benefit from the reminders, focused thoughts and hope a talisman can offer by uplifting our spirits. By choosing a gemstone talisman the crystal properties can add another dimension of healing.

Your talisman may be a simple shaped gemstone or may take a more sculpted form of an angel, sacred ring, Buddha, heart or animal. Talismans make a great gift and can offer comfort during times of loss, fear or anxiety.

Crystal Power

The energy of crystals and gemstones can be enhanced by encouraging children to choose and add to their own collection as their heart and intuition guide. Their treasured collection can include natural objects of interest that may hold personal power, or recall positive memories. Including shells, river pebbles, feathers and nests or other found items with crystals can create a personal power pack which can be displayed on a shelf or altar and added to as desired. A power altar for kids reminds them to focus on the positive and good experiences and is a starting point for practicing the art of gratitude and developing a positive attitude, each item is a physical, visual and energetic reminder of the inherited moment where the item was received.

Christmas with Crystals

Celebrations of the seasons, holidays and family events can be anchored by creating a center piece on your dining or coffee table or altar. Creating a crystal grid intuitively to enhance energy is something that most children enjoy. Allow them free range to arrange a selection of crystals in a display to keep the harmony within a room. It’s a great practice in developing focus, by creating a chant or repeating a short affirmation of the intention of the grid and is an easy introduction into energy work for children. Chants can be simple and repeated whilst creating and arranging the crystals eg “Love, light, magic, harmony.” Affirmations can be adapted to reassure, reaffirm what is needed at the time eg “Our family is safe, protected, healthy and happy. So it is.”

Bring the Magic Back

Many of us as adults spend time bringing back and keeping the energy flowing through our lives and keeping the magic manifesting whilst connecting or healing our inner child. Encouraging our children’s imagination, open hearts and bringing back the magic through incorporating access to crystals is one way we can do this for our kids. In my experience, kids of all ages, including big kids enjoy the benefits of crystal crafts and the reminders crystals offer.

Take some time out for you, your imagination and connect with the crystals that call to you at Heart of the Bay and enjoy the adventure into the crystal warehouse where gemstones, fossils and jewellery are all on display. There is ample free parking and entry. Connect at 4/19 Tasman Way, Byron Bay Industrial Estate or online via our web shop, Facebook or Instagram. Bring the magic back into your life and let your imagination go wild, reconnect with your inner child and give your children tools for adventure and growth with crystals.

Free Crystal Magic Colouring

Print out the free colouring in below and take some time out to ignite your imagination, connect with your inner child and de-stress. I’d love to see images of your progress.

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