The Aquarius New Moon has just happened and this is our future. Exciting times ahead for all of us.  Today I thought its appropriate to write about ORANGE CALCITE as I feel it’s a valuable life tool at the moment.  It’s a very gentle, soft, colourful and effective stone.

Orange Calcite stimulates the physical body and one’s creative energy. We are all creative. Whether you are a business person or artist.

Depression – Phobias -Inactivity

May help with depression, shyness, phobias or general inactivity. Can be wonderful in reclaiming one’s health and get up and go. It encourages warmth, circulation, metabolism and the flow of energy in the body. Just the flow of energy throughout the body is extremely important. The circulation can be within the body but also getting out and about socially.

Enhanced Sleep

Simple slow stretching with your piece of orange calcite nearby, is a wonderful morning wake me up. Or if your preferance is prior to sleep it certainly is relaxing and you will have a sounder sleep. The slower you go the more effective it is.

Move Forward

Orange Calcite will help with eliminating what blockages need to be released allowing forward movement, in life.  This is exciting and if you are a person who likes to multi task, what a great helper.

Creative Energy

Orange calcite generator with manifestation quartz crystal at Heart of the Bay. Great for ...

Orange calcite generator with manifestation quartz crystal at Heart of the Bay.

As the colour suggests it is a ray of sunshine and very powerful for the creative aspects of one’s life. Think about how you feel after spending time out in the sun. Personally I love the sun (not the intense heat). A day in the sun and nature is a fabulous cure all. Your mind is clear, refreshed and ready to go again.  It’s excellent for improving business and or increasing your flow of money.

It’s associated with the solar plexus and naval chakras. These are just above and below the navel. Remember to follow your own intuition when placing stones on the body. When sitting with my piece I placed it on my heart. Personally I love the vibrancy of the polished orange calcite and that is why I chose it for my instagram post. All colours have a vibration and the vibrant orange has always been a favourite.

Are you manifesting; creating; dreaming; calling your future in?

Orange calcite sphere at Heart of the Bay, Byron Bay.

Orange calcite sphere at Heart of the Bay, Byron Bay.

I do this constantly. Orange Calcite would love to help. Manifesing is easy. Just work out what you would like and feel it in your heart and physically work towards your goal.

Orange Calcite comes in a variety of forms:  natural pieces(large and small), polished generators, spheres, polished pieces with a 3mm hole to make into your favourite piece of jewellery.  available online or instore or email.



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