Book Review: UNBROKEN

by Lauren Hillenbrand

Mother nature provides messages for us to help guide the way. I do believe messages are in books. Messages may be a bit here and there.

I started reading again halfway through 2018 and for some reason I picked this book and found.

A truly inspiring story. The main character Louie came to life on each page. Congratulations to the author Laura Hillenbrand. At first I wondered why I even purchased the book  but after a little reading I couldn’t put it down. All my spare moments were put into reading and I enthusiastically read to the end.

I found a lot of inspiration within the pages to keep on going, keep on going. The pages were full of resilience, friendships, family love, heartbreak, perseverance, torture, fun, rebellion,  giving back.  It kept  ‘my head going forward’.  One thing,  the family never gave up on one another. Their hearts were always open and trusting for the particular situation to work out(without telling you anything) and it did. If you read the book you will see with what Louie went through,  he remained  Únbroken’ in  his own beliefs,  true to himself. What he endured was utterly amazing.

Right from a very young age Louie was rebellious on a very regular basis. It appeared he couldn’t help himself.  Mother Louise was a practical joker, so that was where he got it from. In his teenage years   his older brother Pete saw potential in him as a runner. He took him under his wing and Louie went on to representing the USA in the Berlin Olympics, even introduced to  Hitler. Whilst in Berlin he stole one of their flags, which took him longer than anticipated. He was caught and eventually wormed his way around the guards and was given a flag as a memento. This was all just prior to WWII. Louie was the youngest and fastest mile runner of the time. He was the hero of his hometown who held him dearly in their hearts.

His dream goal was to represent the USA in the 1940 Japan  Olympics  but these  were cancelled due to the war.  His body took many years to recover from the effects of the war and he was unable to participate in the Olympics but he was the torch bearer for 5 different games.  Louie had a infectious fun personality, naturally drawing people to him.

Yes 2018 has been a hard year and this book said to me that if I follow  my   passions  and be true to my  beliefs,  life will work out. Dreams come true.  It’s about becoming the very best you can possibly be, persevering,  not giving up,  a little side step here and there.  Maybe we need to travel the hard road to really be who we came here to be.  Louie certainly travelled the rebellious, petty criminal road, not that  I am suggesting this.   At times his family were beside themselves with his antics but they loved him through it all.

This book was based on a true story and it told what other people endure and surpass. When I read I can go right into the page, the lines and the words and be there. A sign of a fabulous book, for me.

In my quiet reading moments I sit with a crystal. During this book Amphibole was my choice. It’s a stone that can adapt to different situations, as required.  A  Phantom Quartz is also known as Angel Phantom Quartz, as the inclusions resemble Angel Wings. A Phantom is a crystal or mineral deposit within a crystal (also manifestation). A stone for the Third Eye and Crown Chakra, enabling a stronger connection to the Angelic Realm. This protective, high vibrational stone increases awareness, past life recall and lucid dreaming. Is a bringer of love, beauty and joy. Will enable inner strength and grounding. It’s wonderful working with magic.

If you decide this book is a read for you, please share what you got from it.

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