Invite calm & slowdown with crystals

In times when the community collective can experience rising anxiety and fears it's more essential than ever to slow down, remain mindful and invite calm into our lives. Are you feeling overwhelmed or anxious? These simple steps and crystals can ... #CrystalHealing #ByronBay #Meditation #Mindfulness #Crystals #Calm #SlowLiving #anxiety #fear

The Simple Things - to make your heart sing - Byron Bay Crystals - Heart of the Bay Blog

Slowdown with crystal support as we move into 2020, enjoy the simple things and make your heart sing with these simple and easy tips.

Grounding - Blog - Byron Bay Crystals - Heart of the Bay

Are you grounded?

How are you handling all the planetary action that is happening?

Grounding is highly  important and probably underrated and ...

Amethyst crystals connect and support you with ....

Blue Kyanite crystal and it's guiding benefits during meditation. De-stress and welcome calm. working with the 5D energies and paying attention to ...