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Crystals for lowering EMF

Electromagnetic Smog Risk

Black Tourmaline natural Pendant

The information below has been gathered from google, customers and books. Please play with the stone/s of your choice to see what works for you(it is intended as a guide only). Remembering to cleanse  on a regular basis. Cleansing can be as simple as rinsing under water and leave sit in a sunny spot for as long as you feel is necessary. Regular cleansing is important as crystals have a variety of uses (not just as written below), this will keep them charged up and working effectively.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is known to enhance the body’s own electrical field(the Aura). In turn creating a stronger barrier against harmful EMF’S. Place  piece/s  around or near and/or on devices(like mobiles, microwaves, ipads, power boards). Wear as jewellery or keep a piece as close as possible. It is a great  protector on all levels(this includes your Auric field). Promoting self confidence. A feeling of being more comfortable in your own skin. Other types of Tourmaline are also beneficial for lowering EMF risk. Plus it’s a heart stone. Keep your heart open as much as possible and this will provide added protection. A wonderful all rounder. It repels harsh frequencies rather than absorbing.

Black Tourmaline polished pendant

Black tourmaline will also keep one grounded. A absolute necessity to handling day to day life in learning and utilising our gifts. By keeping oneself grounded things like stress, anxiety can be kept at bay. Enabling a clearer happier thought process.

By applying these simple techniques one can walk lighter, happier and just let everything else go by.

Wi-fi is in the air. After a while some people can feel dreadfully sick. Even walking around in shopping centres can make one feel sick.

As Black Tourmaline is so powerful and a wonderful protector it will keep lower energies(psychic attack) away.  Remember to cleanse regularily and you will know when by how you feel. Try it for what is happening in your life. Keep in mind that psychic attack can travel and so does your crystal’s energy.

Remember inside crystals there are little people/energies/beings and they will do for you what is required. Just ask them.

Always treat your pieces with respect, honesty and love.

Personally I am surrounded by black tourmaline and Smoky Quartz.


Shungite pendant

Shungite pendant

SHUNGITE  has the ability to completely neutralise the harmful effects of radiation.Creating a energetic shield and helping  to clear out negative frequencies.


Charoite Flat stone

Charoite flat stone

This powerful stone is great for reducing negative vibrations from others and EMF’s. Protects from harmful EMF’s on the astral plane.







Sodalite pendant

Is renowned for its ability to cut through the haze of mental confusion, bringing in balance and peace. Is very protective and grounding.

In meditation it will assist  to see where one’s path is, allowing access  to the subconscious.  To implement the lessons. Will help with detachment from the worries of day to day activities by showing the big picture.


Variation f Fluorite flat stones. Natural fluorite pendant

Variation of Fluorite flat stones. Natural fluorite pendant

There are many types that vary in how they look (the formation). Colour can vary from green to pink to purple and rainbow. Choose a piece that you like. Overall Fluorite will protect and cleanse. If you have a range of ideas and unable to choose, Fluorite will assist by helping to think through the idea.

It will strengthen the ability to receive psychic information which is a valuable life tool.






Green Aventurine flat stone

Available in red or green. Both repelling environmental pollution and absorbing EMF smog. Has a strong connection to the earth. Can change one’s behavior by releasing old habits, disappointments. With this, one is free to grow and change. A very calming and soothing stone. Is connected to the Devic Kingdom and is very beneficial in grids. Is a stone of new beginnings, expansion, good health, wealth and nourishment. Is also a Heart stone.




Handmade Smoky Quartz pendant

Handmade Smoky Quartz pendant

Smoky Quartz is yet another grounding and great protector for our many day to day activities, making us feel comfortable in our own skin. Helps to clear the mind to stay focused. Try holding or wearing a piece to relieve tension, stress, anxiety, panic attacks or to ward off negative thinking. Great for any environment. Aids bringing dreams and ideas into reality. A stone of many uses.





Mookaite flat stones

Variation in Mookaite flat stones

There are many types of Jasper. For this topic I chose Mookaite which is only found in Western Australia. Mookaite invokes Ancient Knowledge, Sacred Knowledge from the Earth and Ocean and has a strong connection to Aboriginal Dreaming. Connects us within the ancient wisdom deep within.


Any type. Unrefined provides grounding protection. Use salts in the bath to permeate the skin. This is calming and immune boosting. Place around home (windows and doors) to reduce negative energy.



Hematite bracelet

HEMATITE  teaches balancing of opposites and manifestation. It’s a very strong protector and grounding stone.  It will help to see the silver lining in situations and the light at the end of the tunnel. It will provide strength and courage. Powerful stone to use if you are working towards integrating your shadow.

Hematite is excellent to use when recovering from any blood ailments.




Natural and handmade Amazonite pendant

Amazonite has a subtle vibration that protects against electromagnetic pollution, plus filters out stress, trauma, replacing it with a very soothing energy.

It can assist in communicating Higher Truths and Higher Knowledge. It helps to move beyond fear in relationships ensuring walking one’s truth.




Selenite flat stone

Selenite flat stone

SELENITE  Is the doorway to the etheric chakras  constantly radiating  Divine Light, absorbs toxic and negative energy, changing it back to light, making this stone a delight for anyone or the home.

Selenite will help one  to continually move forward on the evolution path. Stimulates physical healing.





I thought I would finish with this lovely happy piece.

With every piece that is sold I include a little piece of information about the stone.

This is the information for this piece:

By looking at the piece one can see it’s elegance and feel joy, happiness and the heart opening which brings in protection. Gold is the currency of Kings and Queens, making it a stone of prosperity as well. Black Tourmaline is extremely protective, grounding and will turn negatives into positives. The very best for protection from EMF’S. Enhancing yourself creates a ripple effect. A great combination. The Mica is very fragile.


When I see or feel a certain low energy coming my way, in my mind I wave my arms around to clear the energy and then fill myself and environment with pure unconditional love. I ask that everything is for My Highest and Best Good otherwise I just don’t wish to know about it.

I have helped others pass over and all I simply do is give them my helping hand, just like helping someone out of a car(extend your arm in love and kindness). If you do this  always add for Everyone’s and The Galaxy’s Highest and Best Good. Keep your heart open, stay relaxed with only the purest intent.

Trust that all will be fine. You may have to do this several times, just depends.

You may choose to practice the above or not. I believe in keeping life simple. You could develop your own technique.

I also have grids everywhere. When placing the stones,  in no particular way,  I simply pray and put my intention into it.

It took a bit to get my mother to pass over as ‘things’ kept happening, like sparks came out of a fan(and I had to purchase another) right in front of me.  Eventually she went and has returned, on occasions,  which is ok. She has done whatever she had to initially do, on the other side and now helps when she can or if she can when I ask. So this is all doable for you as well. I lot comes down to timing and intention.

All pendants are handmade by me. All stones vary in size and availability as does the waxed thread. I combine colours that I think would look nice together and you would (or maybe not) be surprised how well that works out.

All pieces will be up on the FB shop and  or you can email

International  people please email for postage. Quoted postage is for domestic only.



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