Blue Kyanite

After writing the last blog I started thinking about blue kyanite. During my free moments I sit with a piece of blue and a piece of black kyanite.  The black is for grounding. This blog is based on information gained from a variety of books,  online, customers and my personal experience.

Some say kyanite does not require cleansing but I’d say in all circumstances that you judge for yourself. It doesn’t require a lot of energy to cleanse. After saying that I cleansed myself and warehouse. Sometimes one just doesn’t know and to be sure, to be sure.

Meditating with Kyanite


natural Blue Kyanite perfect size for your home or workplace

Kyanite is a powerful high vibrational stone. It will align chakras and all parts of the body. All you have to do is ask your guides. Even if you don’t know or are unsure of what to ask for, here is a suggestion:

In meditation whilst sitting with your piece say:

“if I require aligning or my chakras require cleansing or my  bodies bought back into balance I give permission, all for mine and the galaxy’s  highest and best good, for you to do so.”

A little while after meditation check in with yourself and see how you feel.

You will notice that you feel calmer and peaceful especially in the throat and third-eye areas. Your communication skills and psychic abilities will be enhanced. Clarity will come forward and you will feel more inclined to persevere in activities,  that you are working on, strengthening. It will strengthen our higher parts of intuition and our HEART.

Over time make sure you are checking in with yourself to see if you are receiving  more information.

Kyanite & the 5D (5th Dimension)

IMG_20181122_100737_179We are now in 5D (5th Dimension) and our vibration, our skills, our gifts and what we have come here for, are enhanced or more accessible.  I’m thinking we can heal ANYTHING. We just have to keep at it and maybe over time your techniques will vary.

How lucky are we?

On the beach this morning, I kept getting the words “magic woman touch”, working with Kyanite will bring  all parts of oneself together. What I’ve noticed so far is, I am gamer at speaking my truth. So far so good and it’s exciting. I look at life from a metaphysical point of view.

Listen & pay attention to messages

Mr Feather’s Message

My experience with “Mr Feathers,” I had him sitting in a certain spot and after a while I kept looking at him. Time went by and I kept thinking I’d better sit him more upright and I didn’t. I just kept looking at him, meaning to sit him more upright showing his natural  feathers.

Well, another day I walked past him and got a ‘whack’ of energy across my arm. I thought I’d better take notice. So I sat him upright. I’ve moved him several times from here to there and back again. I see he has a expression in his eye (did you see that round piece of blue kyanite) and it follows you. Now I take notice. I think this piece looks Native American. What do you think?

Work on your inner and the outer will automatically change.

I’ve sat with a piece of Blue and Black  Kyanite every working day for the past couple of weeks and after today’s sitting, I feel calmer, content and trusting. Life is wonderful.

I look forward to hearing your experience after sitting with your piece.


Mr Feathers – Blue Kyanite








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