Weird, wonderful, unique and magical

The weird is in looks. I have seen some pieces that, I think,  look a bit weird. One piece in particular looked like a space ship and my initial reaction was ‘what is that’. After a while I decided it was mine.

Citrine forms in a variety of shades and formations. There is natural and heat treated.

Just recently I have been sitting with a really unique citrine cathedral that looks like a machine gun from one angle and I love it(it’s on display and is for sale).  Apart from a cathedral it is double terminated, self-healed, has barnacles, rainbows, is manifestation. I also know there is a female inside and when I sat with it I received  ‘woman emerging’.


Cathedral is the formation and the outside looks like a Cathedral. They are also known as Cathedral Lightbrary. More on cathedral lightbraries in another blog, as there are a few types.

Self -healed

Self -healed  is where the crystal, over time, has broken away from the main crystal and reformed. Showing us that we can heal ourselves. In the self-healed you can find record keepers, rainbows and manifestation.

Record Keepers

Record Keepers are a fairly easily distinguishable triangle that will give us information from our past through to our future.


Manifestation  is where a crystal has formed inside another crystal.

Manifestation is not only about money. They can bring into your life ‘what is for your Highest and Best good).  Sometimes it’s all about the experience. One way or the other. Some perceived negative experiences can actually turn out to be á blessing in disguise and there  is growth for all concerned.


20190326_114541-1Rainbows  have a very positive energy. The ancients believed they are a lucky symbol and this is still held today. Rainbows are a gift from the spirit keeper(sometimes I call this ‘the powers that be’ or the crystal diva within).  If we see a rainbow in the sky we are excited. Over time I have photographed many rainbows(in crystals) and enlarged to show their beauty and to see who or what is inside). Sometimes Rainbows will appear just for the rightful owner, at the right time.


Barnacles  are the little crystals that attach to the main crystal. They can look ‘sparkly’.

Barnacles on a crystal will signify that the crystal they are attached to  is a óld soul’. Meaning the crystal is ancient and may be ready to give of old information. These particular crystals will  give information that is relevant for NOW.


I have seen phantoms in some crystals. Phantoms will help us move through blockages  and perceptions. You can try, sitting with a piece and remembering a low point in your life and then bring it into your present day and see the change in you. Your strength. Your growth. Your self-healing. Remember everything is perfect and you are working with magic.


These are when two crystals grow side by side. Some are not equal. My belief is,  do your best to find one where they are as equal as you like.

Please keep in mind when you are  sitting with your crystals, to listen to what they say and be a active participant. Look after them.

I always ask for whatever I’m calling in,  to be ‘for my Highest and Best’ good. If it’s not you will receive exactly what you’ve asked for and may  think ‘that is not what I mean’t  and then have to unravel it.

I must mention, when working with a stone for the very first time, take it gradually. As sometimes we really don’t know what has to be shifted within us. Short time duration is always a good thing and then build.

For me I think there is a certain magic in citrine and I  gravitate to natural.

I find it calming and reassuring. If you wake during the night reach for your piece to go blissfully off to sleep again.

Keep sitting with your pieces as in the weirdness there is a story and the magic will unfold. There will also be fun, extremely valuable information, huge learning, insights and complete fascination. Learning about and clearing our past is extremely helpful in moving forward and enjoying this life.

I’m going to keep sitting with my citrine and see what happens as I’m working on four different situations. When I’ve worked them out I will share.


Heat Treated Citrine

20190326_124644Is a lower grade of Amethyst that has been heat treated and easily distinguished from natural.

My opinion is, it  doesn’t matter whether a stone is heat treated or not, they all have a vibration and all one has to do is like the particular piece.

Some people naturally gravitate to the heat treated, for it’s colour or simply love the piece.

Citrine is also well  known as the bringer of money stone.

It’s a good idea to move your crystals around, to change the energy. They like it. You will probably feel the difference from spot to spot.

Information in the above is my personal experience and a little from Google.

I’m unable to go straight from one stone to another for these blogs. I have to give myself a few days, then go again. In taking the time I receive more  valuable information.

I hope you enjoy




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