High Vibrational Crystals

Amethyst Twin Geodes & Lemurian Crystals

Initially I wanted to write something different about amethyst and after sitting with it I received

‘very soft and gentle’, ‘like a flower opening, petal by petal’.

I found my quiet time, lovely clear space, special piece and set my intentions. After about 10 minutes I thought ‘WOW’ this is really strong and intense. I had to stop. Then I realised I was to work with both Amythest and Lemurian simultaneously providing the balance. The Amethyst providing ‘the very soft and gentle’, whilst I was using the clear Lemurian. I knew I was shifting something and will keep at it, as I am eager to work through this. The amethyst was supporting and loving, as it does.

Lemurian Crystals

Lemurian crystals contain a absolute treasure of information going back to Ancient Lemuria. This means past lives that we have all lived. We can heal our biggest wounds, or any others,  from that time or anywhere in between then and now, so we can move on and be freer in this life.

We can also see, feel, hear, know  what our gifts were from anywhere along the line. Put them into practise and grow. It’s a fun and interesting thing to do. We all wish to be the best version of ourselves.

Lemurian Crystal Formations

Lemurian crystals come in a variety of stones and sizes. The one I chose is clear, double terminated, has several ancestral encoding, record keepers (I found these by accident after my initial meditation). The biggest defining thing is they have what are called, Striations on the side. These are thin lines on the side of the crystal, going around,  a bit like a ladder. Whilst sitting with your piece you can rub your fingers gently on these lines and see how you feel and the information you receive.

At any point if you feel that the energy is really strong, stop and go again in a day or so or when you are up to it.  Be kind to yourself.

Double Terminated Crystals


Double terminated means that the  points at both ends are directing the energy (the energy still comes out the sides).

Ancestral Timelines

Ancestral timelines these can be found on many crystals, helping us to work with patterning passed on by our ancestors. Enabling us to break free of what is not working. This will then free up our lineage, making everyone very happy.

Record Keepers

Record Keepers are a fairly easily distinguishable triangle that will give us information from our past through to our future.

Lemurian Times

It is said in Lemurian times everyone was highly  evolved,  spoke telepathically, lived in çrystal land’ and were very connected to the earth. They knew their civilisation was  falling so encoded all relevant information in the form of the striations for us to use. All we have to do is ‘sit and receive’.

Today I sat again and could feel just how strong the piece is. After a while I received

“in strong there is strength and in strength there is grounding.”

So keep in mind that if you are ‘wobbling’ in these times that you do have the strength to keep on with your passion. This applies to all of us. These crystals are reflecting to us,

“you are, I am.”

How good is that? I find that sometimes it can be difficult to see things in ourself but once it’s worked out, all is wonderful.

In my perfect environment I would place the twin amethyst geodes in what I would call “the welcoming part of my space.” On a back wall facing the entrance, spaced apart and in the centre will be a altar(or a lovely table) with my stunning lemurian. The crystals would call in all the right people. This would create a high energy loving supportive room.

I think all pieces work harmoniously.

The amethyst twin geodes are super high quality and vibration and the best depth of colour.

It is my belief that these twins are female.

Enjoy your pieces.










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