A Gift from the Other Side

 The winds of change

I recently visited, The Farm, in Byron Bay for my Saturday morning treat. Walking around a familiar wind came up and I thought, I’m having a healing. This was totally unexpected. I didn’t time how long the healing took, just went with it as I didn’t wish to engage my head.

The reason I knew I was having a healing was, I believe,  part of my ancestry is right across the road. I am  very familiar with the wind from that area from spending many a day and night at my grandparents farm. I could feel it.

Whispers on the wind

The story of healing and change

20190413_091707I have done a lot of work on my ancestry, my childhood issues,  wishing to clear whatever I can. This not only frees me up but also my ancestors and my family.

Since this experience I’ve made revisits and I can feel the winds of change energy building, which felt reassuring. Even the smell of the pigs is still familiar.

This can happen to anyone at any time. Once experienced, practice and tuning in becomes a normal, interesting and fun thing to do.  I had forgotten about this and was reminded again this morning whilst on the beach.


IMG_20190413_110858_160Even lying on my bed thinking about things a ‘refreshing breeze will often pop in through the window.

In my workplace, my crystal home, I’ve had great chats about all types of things and then from time to time, a strong breeze will come in the door.

For me the message is positive. The breeze is very reassuring at times and it is also a reminder that all will  be fine.

All will be well.

Even when at the beach and the northerly wind is really strong, we can grumble but  that  wind is telling a story. I believe it is cooling us down as there has been many a day that has been really hot.  The wind would be  carrying more stories, from far and wide and it would be interesting to know more. Different stories from different locations for different people.

We grumble because the wind stirs up the ocean and there is no surf, in certain spots,  plus it can bring the blue bottles in and they sting. In all that – there is, another story and on it goes. Our perception of paradise has been changed for a few days.

All gifts  gratefully accepted.

I value your feedback.

Enjoy the ride,


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  1. jennie13rainbows@gmail.com says:

    SW🌲on reading your blog I felt joy and a deep sense of peace…😁🙏😍😘thankyou for sharing🙏😁

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