Cleansing your crystals, aura, environment and space. Heart of the Bay Crystals, Byron Bay

Cleansing Crystals

How do I cleanse crystals?

Over the years, I’ve used a variety of methods to cleanse my crystals.

As a rule of thumb a crystal where the name  ends in -ite, keep away from water eg. calcite.

Salt water – Ocean Cleansing

In the early days some of the larger crystal pieces were taken to salt water but after a while this became a huge time consuming job. Change had to come.

I now take one crystal with me on my morning beach ritual and I believe by cleansing myself and a crystal daily, this will have a ripple effect throughout my life and the universe.


Frankincense of any type is  very effective. When  burnt it’s fragrance purifies the atmosphere. It relaxes the mind and body, is a great aid in meditation, helping to stay calm and promoting a general sense of wellness. It can be used to cleanse a space, crystals and other objects including oneself. It has also been known to provide protection, stimulate the lymphatic system and is anti-inflammatory. Frankincense can also aid in reducing anxiety and depression. Frankincense is associated with the Planet Sun, the Element is Air and Fire.

To use Frankincense to cleanse your crystals just burn the incense in the area the crystal is and allow the crystal to be cleansed by the surrounding atmosphere as the Frankincense smoke permeates the air.

Palo Santo


I love Palo Santo, which comes from a tree that has laid on the ground for up to 10 years. The burning or smudging is a ritual used by the Inca’s. By performing this ritual we are cleansing and clearing our bodies and environment, which makes one feel alive and grounded (more in our body). It may increase our creativity, productivity and general happiness, aiding the calming of the immune and nervous system. Helps with headaches, anxiety and emotions.

20190306_143449The Palo Santo is a favourite at the moment. When the energies are really strong I have made a bonfire  in a terracotta pot, using used matches and little torn pieces of paper plus either or both, just depends, of the above. It’s a fun and very effective ritual. Whilst performing any of the above always put your loving heart into practice.


IMG_20170803_103146 (1)

When I think it’s necessary I will walk around the crystal warehouse and smudge using either Sage, Frankincense or Palo Santo.

Sage, whether dried or as a herb is also a valuable tool. I have several pot plants outside my front door.  Sage will repel negativity. Its extremely cleansing and clearing, on all levels and can be used in the same way as Frankincense.



20181218_102804The herb Rosemary is another  that can be used for cleansing and purifying on all levels. Rub the leaves and inhale, then wave your hands around to clear yourself or  space, add your intention. I have it growing in my garden.

There have been times when I needed to cleanse but unable to do so. In times like these I have physically walked around and clapped and or put any song on YouTube that I like. Sometimes rocking it out. Status Quo and ELO are favourites. It all works.

I have even clapped in my mind and this has worked. Visualise yourself clapping and the intention of the thought carries through, energetically shifting and uplifting the vibrations. I believe it is transmuting lower vibrations to the highest possible, for the highest good of all.


When performing any of the above you can use a feather and wave around, creating movement and shifting stagnant energy. I believe feathers are magic and messengers.

Feel the difference

After  any of the above sit in your cleared self and or space, with your crystals and really feel the difference. You will be amazed.

Amethyst Clusters

Cleanse your Crystal Jewellery

20190507_130913If you would like to cleanse your jewellery place it on a amethyst cluster for as long as you feel is right.

As you know crystals reflect what we need to see. I have done my very best to keep myself, my surroundings, environment and crystals as clear and healthy as possible.

If you would like assistance in selecting the smudge or crystal to assist you to clear your crystals, please feel free to drop in to Heart of the Bay, in Byron Bay or give me a call and I can assist you. (worldwide shipping available)

Enjoy the ride




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