Life’s Curve Balls

How is this moon coming up on the 18th May, for the Northern  Hemisphere and the 19th for the Southern,  affecting you?

For me I found it to be emotional, intense and so far a wonderful release.

I’ve been wondering for a few days ‘what am I going to write about?’ On the beach this morning I decided:

When the planets rock your boat

Since some time in 2008 I have had Uranus, Saturn and Pluto rocking my boat. During that time I have lost so much and gained so much. The losses happened quickly and this was probably Uranus. When your really in it, actually seeing what your gaining can be nearly impossible. I find hindsight to be a wonderful thing. We can learn so much. In the past hindsight was a word that didn’t really have a lot of meaning to me but now it does.

For all the  things that happened, I would sit and think ‘where did that come from?’  As we know, we then have to deal with it.

I’m happy to say that Uranus  moved on in March.

For all the other people out there that have been experiencing something similar, I totally understand and wish you all the very best. I thank all my wonderful friends for being there and also the strangers who have helped along the way.

And I said, “yes”…

During this time I moved in with my parents as they were ageing. My father asked me to stay and I said, “yes“, not really knowing what was involved. I soon learnt.


My mother was in the early stages of dementia  and this progressed over time. I did my very best for her. Like, when she fell and could still use her legs a little I would pick her up off the floor and get her back into bed. We had some very bonding experiences. Only those who have been in these situations would understand.  I also realised  what was happening  was our Karma together, the three of us. I had to do whatever it took  for all  of our Souls to be happy. My father was a wreck, worrying about everything as they had been married for 66 years. I believe, in my world, for a Soul, to pass over it must be happy. So it can then go and do whatever it has to do.

The intention is to clear the path for anyone in the process of passing.

Greatest Joy

From this experience I created a, Greatest Joy pouch, which contains Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Agate, Mangano Calcite, Kunzite, Hemimorphite and a feather. The intention is to clear the path for anyone in the process of passing, as I believe there is a lot of fear associated with  this process. As always for the person’s “highest and best good.” I set these pieces up in a ‘my style grid’ in a quiet area. I left until I felt it was the right time to remove and I then cleansed the crystals and the area.

What we went through with mum was a long drawn out process and my belief is it was her soul moving on. We could have all agreed to this prior to incarnating, and during the birth process  all was forgotten.

I  must  say I certainly am happy to have been able to do what I was able to do and spend time with my parents together and see what can happen to any of us when we age.

During all this I still opened this business.

There were many days I would come to work and talk to a rock and let my thoughts and emotions out. I have said this to some customers and they do chuckle, as they too, do the same.

Ocean Jasper

It was only yesterday, that I reached for a piece of Ocean Jasper to take to the beach. I felt like I’d like a change. Ocean Jasper is a stone that I haven’t previously worked with. Now I think it is just so soft, kind, calming  and gentle. As I have just learnt, it will help with the release of outdated emotions. It will certainly be a stone that I welcome more into my inner circle. Now I see it as a happy, supportive  stone.

Ocean Jasper, representing the waters,  was also used in the loving earth blog.

Crystals have so much to give to us. We just have to take the time. Sometimes we don’t know why we have chosen a particular piece but hindsight will tell us.

This morning whilst I was thinking about all of the above, I stood for a little bit facing the water and cried. Even now I feel teary, writing.  It’s so good to get it out.

Positive Reminders

20190516_071651-1Driving this morning  I saw yet another part rainbow, always a great positive reminder of my thoughts.

Whilst swimming I looked into the water and all these fish had gathered around. Another positive sign for me.

I do talk to my mother,  who passed two and a half years ago, regularly. When times get a bit tough, I call on her for help and I know that she does. There have been times I can feel and know she is  around.

I hope you are calling on your passed over love ones for their invaluable help. I believe, they are eager to help where and when they can. My mother doesn’t interfere. There are times when she is a innocent bystander and I know she is there. That makes me think I’m doing the right thing.

20190515_075022-4I truly believe working with these amazing ‘rocks’ I am blessed.

We still have Saturn and Pluto until the end of the year. Once we get through it we will be all very happy, blessed, more heartfelt and different. All in a variety of ways.

Now I can see life changing and am extremely happy and yes my boat has been rocked, in a good way.

For a long time I’ve been working on going deeper and deeper into my heart, and I do feel I am going deeper. This is continuation of my personal commitment to my own and the universe’s development for highest good.

Enjoy the ride

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