Personal Commitment

During Saturn and Pluto in Retrograde


On waking on 1st May 2019 I decided to a deeper commitment of understanding myself.  A journey that I have been on for nearly 20 years. One of the reasons for this undertaking is  Saturn and Pluto are retrograde. For the past few days I’ve been thinking, thinking, what can I do? As we know everything comes back to the Self.

Personal Goals

My personal goals are to slow down and to ensure my heart is as open as possible on a regular basis. In the hope that further down the track this would be  automatic. I also intent to, take more notice of my spoken word,  the words of other’s and the written words that come my way. I believe we are all messengers and or channel, some of the time, but overall we don’t believe this to be correct.

I found the energies to be really strong over the past 18 months and  I cut back on my exercise. The extreme heat was another factor.  I would like more tone to my body. This means more exercise and or stretching. As I don’t have time for a gym, I will do my own thing. Also regular nutritional cleansing (commencing this weekend). This will be reasonably easy as Isagenix has played a very important  role in my life for about nine   years now but over the past six months I have let the cleansing slide.

I have been practicing all the above for a long time, but am wishing to strengthen and deepen my connection to myself and Spirit. I am eager to receive more information and for my body to be as fit and healthy  as I possibly can. I am 67 years. My days are pretty full but I know I can squeeze in a little more time for myself.

Personal Commitment Crystals

The crystals I have chosen, so far, are my Citrine Smoky Cathedral Lightbrary, a lovely piece of Amethyst Elestial and another Smoky.

The Citrine Smoky Cathedral Lightbrary and I have a wonderful ten year relationship. Citrine enables us to open more to the energy of the Divine Will. Helps ensure our words and actions are consistent with what we wish to create. This piece has rainbows and is manifestation.

I find the Amethyst Elestial to be a loving feminine piece and there are what I would call flowers attached. I find  that blossoming.

The Smoky is to help me stay grounded.

It contains Rutile which activates the Higher Mind, helping  to gain information and knowledge.  It grounds Light Energy on the cellular level. Helps maintain mental focus and clarity and assists in following through on ideas and plans. Enhances intuition. Can assist in removing blockages to health and abundance. Aids with working on the etheric to heal blockages, tears or obstructions before they come into the physical.

The smoky piece is also a manifestation. Has a record keeper which contains information from the past, present and future. Rainbows.  Last but by no means least I have only just found,  it has a Key which provides a doorway into unlocked parts of oneself. The Key and Record Keeper will work in conjunction with one another.

My plan is to work with my Soul for whatever is for my Highest and Best Good.

Stretching to release blockages

When stretching, if you have any tender spots see if you can stretch them out or rub your fingers  into the area to release the blockage.

The very last stretch for me is,  I sit with a straight back, legs stretched out as far as possible in a V shape and I rub the inside of my legs from the knees up. This hurts but I keep going for as long as possible as this action is releasing blockages. The easier energy can flow within the better.

If you would like to join me or do your own thing or part of the above, you are most welcome. Always choose what is right for you. Please let me know if I can be of assistance with Heart of the Bay in supporting you to select crystals for you.

In approximately a month I will give a progress on how I’m going.

I would love to hear your story and experiences. If you feel like sharing connect via the comments.

Enjoy the ride,


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