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My neighbours for  many years,  were  both   fossickers and she was a  facetor. Husband and wife traveled extensively throughout Australia following their passion, for many months each year.

They loved nothing better than getting dirty, looking for special pieces in the rough, in the hope that once cut and faceted would produce one of nature’s true gems.

They also loved the connections they made with like minded fellow fossickers. Sitting around a campfire telling yarns.

We had many a  laugh whilst putting our washing out on our hills hoists. Like the stones below are nearly a thing of the past.

My friend had a twinkle in her eye (Spirit) and her faceting skills were exceptional (this was also the feedback from a fellow jeweller who did not know her).

I have included in this post some of their finds:


Sapphires which  come in a range  of colours varying from yellow, green, blue through to parti (a combination of blue, green and yellow).

There was a real art in the finding of the rough piece, then washing, cutting to enhance the stone. Often two thirds of a stone is lost during this process and keeping the premier portion is the desired outcome.

All these stones that I have, are all as ethical as one can  source.

They are also rare.

Heart & prosperity

truth, honesty, integrity,  loyalty, wisdom and hospitality towards their fellow person.

Sapphires are a extremely strong heart and prosperity stone. They hold the vibration and wisdom of the area where they were sourced, as all crystals do. That being truth, honesty, integrity,  loyalty, wisdom and hospitality towards their fellow person.  They attract joy and peace, as reflected by my neighbours.  Helping  to open the mind and self-expression to beauty, enhancing intuition.


Sapphires aid the promotion of  dreams, dreaming and recall into day to day activities. They are a useful tool for channeling and speaking one’s truth. They can assist with healing on a cellular level and can be very useful in all types of relationships. Each colour will bring in additional qualities.

Yellow Sapphire


Apart from the above, Yellow Sapphire focuses on showing the user the big picture. It will help manifest your dreams and desires into reality by keeping one focused on the task, in a fun and joyful way. Allow yourself to be shown every step of the way by Spirit.

Green Sapphire

Green Sapphire improves vision. Will help one move through blockages of the heart and re-balance.

Blue Sapphire


I would use the dark Blue Sapphire  to work deep within Mother Earth’s waters and to keep me on track. Blue Sapphire can open one’s psychic abilities and activate  higher mind. It is associated with the planet Saturn, who we all have until Xmas 2019.

Parti Sapphire

Parti Sapphire is a combination of all the above. It is called Parti due to it’s range of colour from yellow to green to blue all featured in the one stone.


20190530_110827This absolutely stunning, unique ring is the one and only Emerald. I love it. It’s colour  reminds me of the ocean.

True to form I have to be different. I asked my jeweller to set this piece in rose gold and the stone off centre with a diamond on each side.

Emerald will help with inspiration, patience, integrity and deep rejuvenation of the heart. It promotes domestic bliss, success in love and unity.


20190530_110308The colour alone resembles the ocean. Maybe they were formed when the ocean was inland. As all roads lead to the heart, Aquamarine will clear debris and protect. It will bring out inner strengths and this alone will bring in a feeling of calm  and total refresh.



If diamonds are added they will strengthen the qualities.


A very earthy colour. Garnet will increase your perception of yourself and others. Will help in turning a crisis into a challenge. Is heart opening and increases self confidence. Balancing the sex drive and alleviates emotional disharmony. It is a stone of commitment and is a fabulous manifesting and abundance stone.


Again another supporting heart stone that will show the way forward.

Blue Topaz (natural)


Blue Topaz embodies the ancient ocean, as reflected in the brilliance of the blue,  energy. Topaz is a stone of true love and success in all endeavors. A bringer of joy, generosity, abundance and good health. Stabilizes the emotions and makes one receptive to love from every source.




Opals are associated with love and passion. It certainly has that look. Known as a stone of protection and very supportive to anyone wishing to delve deep to face  and free one from the gremlins within.

Opals are a wonderful supportive stone for anyone undertaking energetic earth work.



In colour, Zircon is very similar but different to Garnet. It opens the user up to the higher realms and to being a vehicle for Spirit and making one feel comfortable in both the spiritual and physical worlds, helping bring dreams into reality.   Zircon will aid  in removing toxins from the body and clearing all chakras.


I perceive all of the above delights, to be wonderful  heart  and grounding stones and gifts from the earth. She is showing us the way, as always and these are just some of the rewards from wonderful neighbours.

Enjoy the ride

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