How are you enjoying 2019 ?

Are you looking for a change?

Would you like to add a little pizzazz to your wardrobe?


Whether making a fashion statement, heart centered vibration, or for personal comfort, you can enhance you wardrobe with a beautiful piece of mother nature. Choose a piece you connect with, or that calls you. One of the benefits of wearing semi precious gems and crystals is the associated benefits, even if it just brings the wearers attention to shift a negative thought, mindset to a positive one, or to notice it. Best of all, they look great and can be matched to your look and energy for that day.

Red Coral

20190520_095802Tell me your immediate thought when you saw these red coral earrings? I thought sensual, followed by radiant, creative and  passion. Did you think any of these?

Red Coral is a stunning stone of the ocean. Helping one to come into harmony with the natural forces of the Universe and the wilderness within. How do you feel when you see these pieces? Just imagine the feeling of wearing most days. For me I see and feel elegance, creative, abundant, protected, cooling, refreshed, reset.  This is what Mother Earth will do for us, all we have to do is ride the waves. How do you feel after a ocean swim?

Focus with Smoky Quartz

20190410_142456Smoky Quartz are you really focused on your task or would you like help?  Smoky will help in  bringing your dreams into fruition.  Or are you stressed, wondering how you are going to plough through all your jobs, that at times seem to be multiplying? Smoky Quartz is there for you.

Remember we all have Saturn and Pluto until the end of the year. Staying focused will be a theme.

Feeling anxious?

Lapis Lazuli

20190522_105326.jpgIf your feeling anxious with your to do list and unable to speak up, try Lapis Lazuli. It’s a stone of the Ancients, helping to release old patterns  and bring out recognition and expression of our true Sacred Self.  Activating  our intuition and insight, leading to the opening of our true potential  and self-empowerment.


One pair of earrings is a combination of Pyrite which will increase vitality and give a boost to accomplish difficult jobs. Enhancing Willpower and great for breaking habits. It stimulates creativity and heightens ambition, commitment and persistence.


The second piece  of the combo is a Jasper which has so much nurturing to give. It will support during times of stress bringing the courage to keep going and know you are going in the right direction.

The third stone is Lapis which will bring clarity to your situations and help in expressing what has to be expressed.


20190522_105447.jpgFluorite is a stone of many colours. It is also a  stone with a wide spectrum  of help awaiting,  just for the asking. Colours can vary  from all shades in between pink, green, purple and rainbow. It encourages optimum health, intellect and emotional wellbeing, by purifying, cleansing and restructuring. Perfect for these times. Will aid in protecting us from EMF’S. Stimulates the third eye, bringing and grounding higher forms of truth to the physical. Is multi-dimensional, where we will find out all about ourselves. It strengthens the ability to receive and interpret psychic information.


20190523_115837-1During the early hours this morning I was dreaming of Labradorite. Like you it’s in my best interest to take notice.

Labradorite is a stone of magic. Is highly protective,  banishes fears and insecurities. Calms a overactive mind. Sit and relax with a piece and it will help to bring new ideas to you.

Wearing crystals  for yourself for aesthetic reasons, comfort, associated benefits or because it feels right, follow your heart when choosing your piece for yourself or as a gift for someone special.

You will wonder why you hadn’t done any of the above earlier.

I’d love to see photos of you and your favorite pieces.

Enjoy the ride

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