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How to Create



A recent customer thanked me for not playing blaring music.

Music and Sound

If I have noise around me I am unable to concentrate on any task, even if I like the music. I have just put that to the test. I really like ELO and can play YouTube. My music speaker is about my knee height. I have listened to about 3 songs and my head feels full and fuzzy. ELO are not a loud band. It took a good half an hour for my head to clear and I also walked outside to the letterbox for a little nature to help ground and gain clarity.

I am unable to have the TV on in the next room when I am cleaning up the kitchen after dinner. If I do the noise fills my mind and my head feels really busy. I prefer to create a quiet space, it is the time for me to relax after a full day. I’m also preparing my body and being for my sleep. Most nights the TV does not go on and I feel all the better for that.

I do not have the internet at home. I turn my mobile off prior to sleep and leave in another room. I ensure I have established clear boundaries to allow me to replenish and rejuvenate, so I can operate at my highest vibration.


YES I have Wi-Fi in my work place  but I also have A LOT of crystals to counteract EMFs or Electron Magnetic Frequencies.

How are we expected to be normal HEALTHY people with all the outside interference.  If I was to live in a environment with a lot of interference, it would only take a short amount of time and I would start to slide downward. I don’t understand how anyone can do any task with headphones on like exercise, homework, TV  or drive with loud music. I’m sensitive to energy and invite only the highest vibrations that resonate with me and most of those are reflected to me from nature. I know I am not the only one. I’ve had very sensitive people, customers, who tell me their stories, some have a lot on their plate.  I do my best to help them with suggestions of crystals and nature connection, as life can seem difficult for empaths and sensitive souls.

Crystals for the Home and Office

I do think over time crystals will be the norm in homes and workplaces. Why not combine them with an indoor plant and bring nature inside?

Here are some suggestions for the  home, workplace, car, pocket and personal  adornment.

For me I’m working on longevity of life and I find  crystals to support my plan. I want to enjoy my life; be fit and healthy; have clarity of mind. I tell my family I’m living to 110 and they laugh. So we shall have to wait and see who runs rings around who. I’m already running with a 3 year old, who keeps me young, enjoying every moment and radiating joy.

How to Choose Crystals

Be Your Own Guru

When choosing the right crystal for you. You can choose from:  colour, size, quirkiness. It’s all about you. Be your own guru. Empower yourself. You don’t have to know the qualities of any stone. You just have to like it. A stone can do for you whatever you would like when you have clear intention, as energy follows thought.

A recent customer, who has a certain condition, asked me my opinion on a statement in a crystal book. In the book it stated that this particular crystal was not beneficial to her particular type of condition. My response was, “ýou choose for yourself.” She visited my store and sat with the particular type of crystal and eventually  purchased as she felt it was right for her. That was not what the book said. Follow your heart and intuition. You know what is best for you and the crystal you resonate with, it’s usually the one you are most attracted to.

Setting Intention

Sit with or holding your stone. Please tune in with your crystal. Connect to it’s energy and tell your crystal, the intention and “it’s for my and the galaxy’s highest and best good.” Yes, this can sound a bit weird. Remember energy follows thought. The clearer you can be the better.

They say it can take up to 7 years for the soul of a newborn to be fully anchored in the physical realm. Fact or fiction?  I’m unsure, for me I would really work on having the most relaxed home I possibly could in readiness for the arrival of the new addition and all members of the household. I would want to create a nurturing, loving and heartfelt space.

Holistic Health & Wealth

My opinion based on my experiences over the last 18 months, is that the energies have been very strong and we need all the help we can get. For me, nature and crystals are my help. These energies could go on for a while yet. We need to focus on our inner needs and honor them. Get the inner working and the outer will fall into place. The sooner the better, so we feel in flow and holistically healthy and wealthy.

Remember everything you say and or do, has a ripple effect.


Aventurine repels environmental pollution and absorbs EMF smog. It has a strong earth connection. It has been known to change one’s behaviour by releasing old habits, and disappointments. In doing this it opens the opportunity to be free to grow and change. How good is that?

Aventurine is a very calming and soothing stone. Is connected to the Devic Kingdom and very beneficial in crystal grids. It is a stone of new beginnings, expansion, good health, wealth and nourishment. The colour combination and presence works perfectly with Rose Quartz as  a  strong heart stone.

Black Tourmaline



Black Tourmaline is known for it’s ability, due to composition, to change energy. To transform as it supports and brings together the energy centres of the body and results in aligning us. Through this balance the healing energy has a clear path, promoting a sense of power, self-confidence and perception. It enhances the human body’s own electrical field making it more grounded to ward off EMF. It’s  also known to diminish fear, strengthen the immune system and is a lovely strong heart stone.



Celestite has a strong connection with the Angelic realm. It assists with hearing and listening. It is known especially to assist in tuning in for higher guidance. Celestite can be  helpful with physical ear conditions. It is a beautiful stone to assist in birthing. It is said to support and strengthen a baby’s connection with the physical plane.



Blue Calcite

Blue Calcite is one of the most soothing stones to the emotional body, it protects the user from psychic attack and removes blockages. In the third eye it stimulates one’s intuitive and psychic abilities. Promotes inner vision, clairvoyance and telephathy. Can help one refocus the mind on positive thoughts and enhances the knowledge of affirmations. It has been known to assist people with sleep when placed under your pillow or on a side table.

A fellow crystal lover recently shared with me her story as it relates to Blue Calcite. When she was first learning about crystals, she had to lie on a variety of different beds of crystals. When she came to the blue calcite she felt like she was receiving a hit of Valium. She could feel it’s strong yet subtle energy.

The colour blue is about connection and communication. It’s the connection with oneself first, then we will have a better understanding of where we fit into life.

When  I sat with a piece,  I found it had huge depth.  Huge depth within, huge scope for life.

Blue Kyanite

Blue Kyanite is also a stone of connection, building bridges between our inner and outer selves. Blue Kyanite can bridge energetic blocks in the aura and emotional blocks between people. It can help restructure mental energies and habits that hold us back.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz increases our capacity to give and receive love. It helps gently reveal our own blockages to self-love and universal love. Rose quartz can calm excess fiery energy such as fear and anger. It is lovely for babies, helping ease the transition between non-physical and physical levels of experience.

Top 5 Tips to Create YOUR

Heartfelt Environment Space

  1. Choose you crystals remembering to follow your intuition and where your heart draws you.
  2. Connect, align and set your stones with high, clear intention.
  3. Be aware of your needs and your environment that surrounds you.
  4. Honor your sound and nature needs.
  5. We are all unique and you are your own guru.

I hope everyone  found this blog to be a wonderful read. I would love to hear of your experience creating your space and the results of any changes you made.

Enjoy the ride










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