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Transmute & Transform Negative Energy

Do you feel drained and lethargic? Or are your suffering from foggy brain, feel unmotivated and have a general feeling of dis-ease? You may be suffering from dense negative energy. Transmute & transform toxic and unwanted energy from your environment and people by ...

Have you ever connected with a crystal and allowed it to guide you and reveal stories? There is an abundance of good vibes and messages being gifted to us at the moment showing us the way forward. At the moment they are ...

Set when the world is on the brink of collapse, in a time of danger, romance and camaraderie is this beautiful retelling of Beauty and the Beast under the backdrop of WWII.

Are you choosing to step on the light side of life?
Do you need some help to look on the bright side?
Crystals to uplift, lighten and spread happy vibes.
How to use the ripple effect to uplift yourself and others.

Are you looking for more depth and a deeper understanding in your life?
Would you like to stimulate more light-bulb moments, feel more energised, grounded and protected?
Find your depth of strength through practice and using ...