The Craft of Crystal Magic & Spell Work

Have you ever wondered about the magic of crystals or using crystals in spell work or for crystal healing or grid work? Create consciously using intention, affirmation, manifestation and crystals including ... #crystalhealing #Crystalgridwork #Crystals #Spellwork #Casting

Create a Crystal Grid

Have you ever created a crystal grid or wondered how to use one, or what one is? Amplify your energy and intentions for healing and holding space with this simple how to guide. #Crystalgrid #Crystalgrids #Crystalgridwork #CrystalHealing #ByronBay

Would you like more holistic wealth in your life? More prosperity and abundance in all aspects of your life and well-being?
Holisitic wealth encompasses all aspects of your life the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, it is your complete wellbeing. Inviting prosperity and abundance into your life is something most of us desire for a harmonious lifestyle and flow of living and being. Sometimes no matter how hard we try we can't seem to make the shift we desire into a clear and uplifting space of receiving. By incorporating crystals, plants, intention, and affirmation we can channel the energy we need for holistic wealth.

Are you ready for a harmonious change?
Are you looking to raise your vibration and create balance in your life?
Combine love and crystals for yourself and to heal and uplift those around you by ...

Are you looking for clarity and direction as we close one decade and move into 2020? Are you looking for a gift for yourself or someone else?
Tarot and cards decks are beautiful gifts that can ...